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Cooking Sleepover - 6yr - Decorate Apron



February 2005


Amy in Plymouth, Michigan USA

Honorable Mention

Cooking Party

For my daughter's 6th birthday, we had a cooking party sleepover. 

On the invitation (red and white check recipe card style) I printed Recipe:  Cooking Party Sleepover/ Ingredients:  5 girls, 1 cup giggles, etc.  Recipe will be ready 11:00 Sunday morning, etc. 

I made chef hats out of poster board and tissue paper and wrote "Chef Maddie", etc. on each one.  I also had purchased wooden spoons (Dollar store) and wrote their names and decorated the handles with paint.  Balloons and party d├ęcor were red and white, and tablecloth was red/white check. 

When her 4 guests arrived they each got to decorate a chef's apron with squeezable fabric paint.  On the top pocket I had previously written "Chef Spencer", etc.   

While those were drying, they each got to make their own personal pizza.  I had pre-made the dough (from mix) and prepared all ingredients in small bowls.  They had a blast decorating them with pepperoni, ham, black olives, pineapple, and peppers.  They ate more than they put on the pizza, actually! 

While those were baking, we played games pin the ice cream on the ice cream cone, musical chairs, etc.   

After pizza and presents, they had cake - which was made at a local bakery to resemble a deep dish pizza.  The sides were brown "crust", the top was red with white chocolate shavings - "cheese" on top.  Also on top were frosting pepperonis and green peppers. 

I had also made and frosted mini cakes for each child to take home.  They got to decorate them with icing bags and different tips (you could also buy the premade ones). 

When they were done, they got to put them in a bakery box (which I had bought at the cake bakery), and then I sealed them with a personalized label that said "Maggie's Bakery, Plymouth, Michigan", "Maura's Bakery", etc.  I put the wooden spoon in the box to take home as well.   

Then they got out sleeping bags, watched some Arthur videos and eventually (eventually) fell asleep.  The next morning they were up way too early and we were wishing we had put a pickup time of 9 am instead of 11! 

My husband made waffles with chocolate chips, sprinkles, whipped cream, etc. so they had more fun that morning.  We didn't have any activities planned so they just played musical chairs. 

They're all still talking about it 11 months later!  I've done parties before with 10-15 kids and this was FAR better and easier.  I could spend a little more on favors, etc. and it was just a quality over quantity atmosphere. 

It wasn't crazy and filled with meltdowns and tears...and everyone got to chat with everyone.  We'd do it again in a minute!

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