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Little Chefs Party - 7yr - Creating Lasanga



May 2009


Maribel in Orion, IL USA

Honorable Mention

Cooking Party

For my son's 7th party, we are having a chef party. 

I created invitations using Microsoft Publisher and white card stock. They were red and white gingham on both sides with Let's Party" across the top a cute image of a chef (which happened to look like my son) and the usual party info.  I printed 4 per page and them cut them down to about the size of a recipe card. 

The party area was decorated like an Italian cafĂ©.  I used several tv trays and placed red and white gingham table covers over them.  On each table I placed a glass candle holder turned upside down to hold small flowers from the backyard instead.  I used white plates and grey plastic cutlery to make things look as real as possible.  I also added thin cracker breadsticks in tin cans. 

When the boys arrived they put on their chef hats aprons and their neckerchiefs ($3.80/each set from  Once they were dressed with hands washed they gathered around the kitchen table to create their own lasagnas.  I found small white ceramic dishes at FCO for $.99 each.  I had pre-cooked and prepared meat sauce lasagna noodles and cheeses the night before so that once the boys layered their lasagnas their way they just needed to be heated through. 

While the lasagnas cooked we played a relay race which I like to call "Oh waiter!".  I divided the boys into teams and they each had to carry a tray on one hand (like a waiter) that held a cup of water.  The first team to get across the designated line and back with the least amount of water spilled was the winning team.  In the spirit of all the reality cooking shows on tv we also had a contest to see which team could follow the directions and successfully make a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough.  This was a big hit and it taught the kids about measuring ingredients cracking eggs and teamwork.  The prize was bragging rights. 

By then the lasagnas were cooked and cooled enough to eat.  After the boys ate I gave them each edible play-dough (marshmallow fondant) to color and play with.  Then it was time to decorate cupcakes.  I had frosting and variety of candies to choose from.  We ooh'd and ah'd over everyone’s unique creations.  These cupcakes were then package to take home.  We ate the birthday boy’s cake instead.  I created the apron cake found at  There wasn't time left but we were going to play Cookin' Mama Cook Off for Wii.  We ran out of time to open presents too but the boys didn't mind. 

As the boys left I handed them a doggie bag which I made from the brown bags located next to the ice cream aisle at the grocery story.  They were free at Wal-Mart.  I made a label with the same image as the birthday invites.  They said "Doggie Bag" and "Thank you for coming to my party" in nice bold letters. 

Each bag had the child's ceramic dish (with or without his leftovers) container of the cookie dough they made with heating instructions the marshmallow fondant their decorated cupcake their chef hats and neckerchiefs (aprons were cheap and throwaways) and a package of gummy candies that looked like burgers hotdogs French fries and soda bottles. 

This was a really fun party to plan for me and the kids all had a great time.  "

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