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Cowgirl Party -5yr- Chili Dogs with all the Fixins



November 2006


Laura in Clarkson, Ky.  U.S.


Cowgirl Party

For my daughter Graci's 5th birthday she wanted a cowgirl birthday party. 

I rented our local community center for 3 hours then I got on the internet and ordered the "Out West" cups, plates, napkins & invitations and a bandana tablecover.  I then ordered some cowboy cutout decorations, plastic barbed wire, bandana loot bags & western fillers (western notepads, pencils, waterguns, bubbles, make a horse stickers, etc.).

I got the game prizes, some press on tattoos, a red tablecover & a blue tablecover at Dollar Deals & Wal-Mart. I went to TSC and got galvonized buckets & lined them with bandanas to put the shredded cheese, fritos, & ice in instead of bowls. I found a coloring sheet of a cowgirl on a paint bucking horse on the internet and printed those out. 

As the little buckaroos arrived, decked out in their cowboy/girl best, I seated them at a table with the coloring sheets and crayons to keep them busy until everyone got there.  (I made a place for the kids to put their names on the coloring sheets and I stapled them all together and put them in Graci's baby book when they were finished.)

On the inside of the invitations I put "Saddle up & come for a ride, Graci Lane is turning 5, so gather up your cowboy clothes & come this way cause Graci's having a cowgirl birthday." 

For lunch we had Chili & hot dogs with all the fixins'. (I cut the peanut butter & pimento cheese sandwiches into stars using a cookie cutter from Pampered Chef and used a wicker basket lined with a bandana to put them in.)

For games we played musical chairs to cowboy music, I downloaded songs onto my computer then put them all onto one CD. ("The Littlest Cowboy Rides Again" by Chris LeDoux, Back In the Saddle Again, Happy Trails, Bandy the Rodeo Clown, etc.)  We played bean bag toss using bean bags made out of red & blue bandanas & they tossed them into my cowgirl hat. 

We played Pin the tail on the donkey, I let the kids pickout a bandana to cover their eyes that they got to keep.  And finally we had sack races (we were gonna bob for apples, but we did that last year and had a big mess). 

For her birthday cake I couldn't find anything that really stood out, so I took a picture of her on her horse, she didn't know at the time it was hers, in her cowgirl duds & the Wal-Mart bakery scanned the picture onto her cake.  I also got some balloons that had Happy 5th Birthday on them & had them blown up with helium & all the kids got to take one home. 

All the kids had a great time.  I hope my some of my ideas can help someone else have a fun party.

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