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Cowgirl Aley Party -4yr-Snake In My Boot



March 2007


Heather in westland MI


Cowgirl Party

We had a western themed party for my daughters 4th birthday.

I made the invitations by scanning as peice of  paisley scrapbook paper into my computer than used my paintshop to add pictures of Aley in her Cowgirl stuff it read like this Put on you best cowboy duds and mosey on over for a rootin tootin' good time Why: Aley's fouth birthday When: date Where: address Please have yer ma give us a haller to say yer comin'  

I purchased cowboy hats for each child as well as made bandan's from a cute western print material I found. As each child enterd the recieved both items. I decorated a corner of the club house with those new sene setter wall coverings (can be baought at most party supply stores now).

We made one corner to look like a coral with a bail of hay. As each child arrived to took a picuter of them in the coral.  I found a game at Target that is an infra red shot gun that knock down plastic bottles the kids loved this game. 

We played There's a snake in my boot. We took and old Cowboy boot and small plastic snakes the kids tried to drop the snakes into the boots while kneeling on a chair.  This game was much trickier than I thought it would be.

We had a horse race as well. I found mylar ballons in the shape of horses we filled them with normal room air instead of heilum.  I broke the kids into two realy teams making sure to have even amounts of little and big kids on each team.  Each kid took turns riding the hourse around the path and then bringing it back for the next person's turn. This game was SOOOO much fun. Even the adults wanted a turn to ride the ponies. We laughed and laughed.  

For lunch we had cowboy food hot dogs beans chips little cans of fruit I peeled the labels off9 cowboys eat lotds of tings out of cans). Sasperilla (root beer) out of a bucket with a ladle. 

For the final game We looked for the lost loot that one eyed willy had stolen. We found it burried in the hay stack.  We broke the kids into three groups each group (little kids first) had 1 min  to dig out as many gold coins as they could find. I purchased gold coins and hid them in a small wading pool filled with hay(I couldn't find really hay in Jan so I used Yellow confetti strips.

Instead of premade treat bags each child was then allowed to take their coins to the general store and purchase treats.  I had chocolate coins plastic snakes costume jewlery for the girls tatoos. Extra cans of fruit. We tied them up in a bandana with string for them to take home.

For the cake we had a cowboy shaped cake. 

This party was huge success the kids are still talking about it. "

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