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Cupcake Sprinkles - 7yr - Bakery Prepared



May 2010


Melissa in O'Fallon, MO


Cupcake Party

My daughter couldn't decide on a theme. She had so many ideas, so cupcake seem to be something that we could a theme that we could revolve all her ideas around.

We had the party at a local park to keep the mess out of the house. 

I made the invites on my computer. Using a publishing software, I bordered them in bright yellow, pink and green strips. The background was white with the same colored polka dots and included purple. My daughter wanted all bright fun colors( I wanted pink and brown, but it was her party).

I use the following wording  Cupcakes Sprinkles Icing Galore.  We Have A Special Celebration in Store!"

We decorated the pavilion area with the same colors as the invites we used tons of balloons tableclothes(plastic for easy clean up) chinese lanterns streamers. I used plain paper products to also match the colors.  I made big cupcake puzzels out of poster board.

While all the kids where waiting for all the guest arrive the kids worked in groups to put together the big puzzels. I used clip art and had a local print shop enlarge them up to poster size. I glued them to poster board and cut them into big puzzel pieces. The kids enjoyed working together to put them together. 

I bought paint your own cermaic cupcake banks for the kids to paint and take home. I bought some paints and put paint brushes in each color. So that there was no rinsing of the brushes. The kids really enjoyed this and it was also the favor that they took home. 

We cleaned up and set up the cupcaking decorating bar the kids played on the playground during this time. I bought cupcake and icing along with a decoration from a local bakery. I just didn't have the time to make it all on my own. They charged me .50 for each cupcake including decoration and icing. They placed everything in separate bowls.

After the all the kids where finished decoration we sang Happy Birthday and everyone ate there cupcakes. They loved to be able to eat their creations right away. I also had a cake for the adults decorated to match the invites topped with a cupcake.  We opened presents followed by the cupcake pinata. 

My daughter love that they had some cooking and arts and crafts both things she wanted to do at her party. Overall it was a very inexpensive but FUN party for the kids. "

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