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Little Girl's Tea Party 4yr - Decorate Purse



August 2008


Angela in Lake Helen, Florida, USA


Fairy Tea Party

I did a little girl's tea party for my daughter's 4th birthday.

We borrowed a lakeside garden patio which we named and themed The Enchanted Garden Patio". We made signs with flowers and fairies (we used stickers from the dollar store) that said The Enchanted Garden Patio and pointed the way to go. Invitations were simple pastel one page invitations that we decorated with scrolly handwriting (think curlz font). We invited everyone to: Afternoon Tea at The Enchanted Garden Patio And we asked for everyone to wear dress up clothes or their sunday best. 

For decorations I bought clear glass tea cups and used paint pens to draw each girls name in the same scrolly writing with flowers around their names. I found the tea cups at Pottery Barn for about a dollar a piece. This was one of their take home party gifts.

We had four tables set up with a simple flower centerpiece and each girl's cup on a paper doily to show her where she was to sit. I also bought outdoor japanese style lanterns that had "girly" colors to hang up around the patio.

We did some craft activities that involved making bead necklaces and decorating canvas purses.

For games we did the traditional pin the tail on the donkey musical chairs and a pinata. 

The girl's all showed up in frilly dresses or "princess" dress up style clothes. They were all very beautiful.

Some even wore white gloves! For party snacks I had four different kinds of tea:coconut chai strawberry peach & rasberry. All were four year old friendly and decaf. We had tea cookies and triangle sandwiches - PBJ and chicken salad. I had a cake with a tea pot and daisies on it to follow the enchanted garden theme. 

For favors I started the party with a craft of stringing bead necklaces which the girls took home with them. After we had tea and sandwiches we did another craft. I bought small canvas purses that the girls decorated with glue and gemstones. We listened to music while doing this and I took each girl's picture with their purse (we used a digital camera and home printer) and put it into a paper frame as another party gift. The paper frames we got at a party store - $3 for eight of them.

The party lasted about two hours and the girls were ADORABLE! I think the mothers had just as much fun as their children. "

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