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Harry Potter Birthday Party - Wizard Stomp



August 2000


Melody in Amarillo, Texas USA

August 2000 Winner

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Birthday Party!

Party Bags for each child are decorated brown lunch bag-type bags. I printed Harry Potter pictures, logos, and other related items off of the internet and glued them to the bag. In my graphics program, I made a special tag that read "Bradley's Harry Potter Birthday Bag of Mystical Things". Each child's goodie bag contained small spiral notebooks of gel ink paper that I decorated the covers of using stickers of wizards, cats, lightening bolts, stars, etc. from the local party supply store.

I also included gel pens, ink pens in cool colors, sparkly pencils, plastic frogs, individual bags of cookies, Cheeze It's, jawbreakers, lazer yo-yo's, lazer tops, balloons, and star confetti. I printed up and attached special bag tags on the computer "by Honeydukes Candy Shop, Hogsmeade, England" and: "Dumbledore's Favorite Lemon Drops" (a ziploc snack bag of lemon drops), "Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans (a ziploc bag of jelly beans), "Droobles Best Blowing Gum" (a ziploc bag of bubble gum), "Dementors' Relief Chocolate Bars" (a bag of mini-size chocolate bars with the outer wrapping removed and only the silver foil left on them).

I made each child a "Wizard wand" using long plastic flexible pencils to which I attached star garland at the end. I made individual "brooms" using standard yellow pencils that I attached raffia to one end of using double-sided tape. On the side of them with a sharpie marker I wrote the model of broom! I also purchased black metal buckets ("cauldrons") at the party supply and decorated them with the child's name painted on and more stickers attached to it. They served as great place markers at the table!

The "cauldrons" were filled with the wands and brooms I made, as well as party poppers, "hand bombs" purchased from the novelty shop (they pop in your hand and put out smoke - very safe too!), Pop Rocks Candy, large "shooter" size iridescent/metallic marbles that resembled crystal balls, and more star confetti. I tied more of the star garland onto the "cauldron" for a finishing touch.

I made each child his own special book featuring Harry Potter theme info I had found on the internet. The cover read "Bradley's Harry Potter Birthday Book" and "Not available anyplace else so don't even try looking for one! If you want one send an owl."

The book was divided into sections "Encyclopedia Potterica - All about everything Potter and included descriptions of the characters in the books, terms used, etc., "Potions Class" which included spells and potions for cool science experiments that border on real magic! "Transformation Lessons" included wizard crafts and coloring sheets, "Other Things Potter" included hot rumors and mistakes about the Potter books and upcoming movie as well as future Potter books.

I printed everything off of the internet, and made the covers and dividers on the computer. I made copies and laminated the divider sheets and covers. The books had 3 holes punched in them and were "bound" with more of the star garland in gold and purple.

Cupcakes were decorated with purple frosting and had yellow "lightening bolts" (to match Harry's scar on his forehead!) on them as well as multi-colored sprinkles. The plates, cups, and napkins were solid black and solid purple (I used both colors) and I decorated them with things I printed off of the internet and iridescent stickers too.

After opening the gifts, I provided the kids with the ingredients for "magical potions" they could mix up in their "cauldrons"! Each child made their own recipe of "Wizard Goop" (silly putty), "Bubbling Brew" vinegar/baking soda bubble up, "Magical Beans" Levitating raisins, "Invisible Ink" lemon juice and an iron, and "Magical Eggs" rubber eggs made with vinegar! I had more ziplock bags so they could take their magical mixtures home with them.

The grand finale was a game of "Wizard Stomp". I had blown up balloons and inserted a new gold dollar coin into each one. The balloons were attached to the child's ankle with a length of curling ribbon. The object is for the kiddos to "stomp" on the other kid's balloons and pop them without allowing their own to be popped. The person that pops the other kid's balloon gets the dollar coin inside and the last person with their own ballon intact is the big winner. I had extra coins on hand so nobody went home without one!

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