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Lilo and Stich Luau 6yr - Pineapple Boat



December 2004


Pamela in Quincy, MA USA

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Lilo and Stitch Party

Lilo and Stitch Hawaiian Party 6 yrs.  My 6- year old wanted a Lilo and Stitch party so I decided to use a Hawaiian theme.

We used a clubhouse in the complex where we live.  We made a beach by lying down sandy looking rug material and ocean color material bought on clearance at Wal-Mart.  I put toy sharks and tropical fish from Oriental trading post in the ocean.  I placed shells and sand dollars bought at Wal-Mart on the beach. 

On the wall overlooking the ocean, I made a large smiley face sun out of crepe paper. We hung various foil tropical cutouts through out the party area from Oriental Trading post.  On one table we had a white tablecloth with silk flower pedals scattered about on the table and a grass skirt around the table edge.  On the other table, we had a bright yellow plastic tablecloth with a grass skirt around the edge.

For music, I borrowed the Lilo and Stitch sound track from the library and also used other Disney tapes we already had.  As guests arrived one table had a choice of two activities make your own flower leis or make your own grass skirt.  For the flower leis, I cut twine and wrapped tape at both ends to make stringing items easier.  I cut colorful straws (about one inch) and used the silk flower pedals (hole punched in middle) from Oriental trading post.  The children thread the pedals and straws alternating the two. 

For the grass skirt, I found green plastic wrapping twine in a dollar store and used crepe paper cut in strips and hole punched.  The children thread the strips through the green twine to make the skirts.  Other children simply choose to play on the beach with the sharks, fish and shells.  While the children made their skirts and leis or played on the beach, I put out the food.  We served teriyaki chicken wings, sweet and sour chicken skewers, fresh tropical fruit including a pineapple boat, Hawaiian pizza and plain cheese pizza for those less adventurous and chips with mango salsa.   For drinks we had various tropical and fruit punches. 

After eating I handed out brown paper bags that had a label with each children’s name written in Hawaiian (found on the internet) and with various pictures of Lilo and Stitch downloaded from the internet. We scattered more shells throughout the room and the children used the brown paper bags to go on a seashell and sand dollar hunt.

Next the children played the limbo.  We put on limbo music and used a plastic pole as the limbo stick.  This was one of their favorite games.  They each received Lilo and Stitch stickers as a prize. 

The next game was to be destructive like Stitch. The boys especially loved this game.  I had different tropical fish necklaces (Oriental trading post) in red balloons and various small plastic sea creatures (Wal-Mart) in blue balloons.  The boys were encouraged to select blue balloons.  They had to pop the balloon in order to get their surprise. 

Next, they played musical chairs by using beach towels.  As one child was eliminated s/he could pick out a shark or tropical fish from the ocean.   

After we sang Happy Birthday and had a Lilo and Stitch cake with ice cream.  Upon leaving, each child received a Lilo gift bag (template downloaded off the internet).  In the gift bags were small tropical fish activity books with crayons, Aloha candy and sunglasses (all from Oriental trading post).

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