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Luau Party 2yr - Hula Head Photos



March 2006


Luz in Jersey City, New Jersey USA


Lilo and Stitch Party

We decided to have a birthday Luau in January for my granddaughter. She was turning 2. We decided to decorate just one room to resemble a Luau. We used my print shop 15 program on my computer to create most of our decorations. I used an image of Lilo from Lilo and Stitch and super-imposed my granddaughter head to Lilo's hula body.

We made up invitations using this image and placing palm trees, sand and a sun in the background. We used the same image to make honeycomb cutouts. We created a Tiki Bar using a small wall unit to make the bar. We used bamboo poles to make the top part of the bar and we used very inexpensive green fabric which we cut to simulate a grass skirt on the bottom half of the bar and the draped the green material on top as well.

We used a long picnic table for the cake, and we decorated using bamboo and the green fabric as well. I purchased flower petals from Oriental trading and placed a petal on each bulb of my christmas lights. We draped those around the cake table and bar. It looked really nice and very simple to create.

We used artificial palm trees throughtout the room. I also used an overhead projector to create a lifesize cutout. I painted a Hula couple and I made the cutout on each head. Everybody loved this idea. We all took turns placing our heads in the cutout and taking pictures.

We had so much fun doing this. I used those pictures to create magnets at a later date and mailed them out with the thanks yous. I printed the pictures, laminated them and placed a piece of magnet on each. I received more thank yous from the party goers. They never had seen anything like that. We served virgin strawberry dahqueries, with umbrella straws. Most of my party supplies were purchased at local dollar stores. We did not waste a lot of drinks because my daughter was the bartender, so she served all the drinks.

I also made hula skirts for us by using the same green material. Extremely inexpensive. We purchased the cake at a local BJ's warehouse. They used the lilo and Stitch theme, it was really beautiful. We were limited on space but the kids had a limbo contest.

I also created calendars using the same image of my granddaughter as Lilo using the same computer program and gave them out as favors. Since her birthday is in January I will be making them every year, using whatever theme we are having. I enjoyed making all these things and making it a very successful Luau. I hope that you all will be able to use some of my ideas. I wish I could place the photos on yor site.

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