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Lilo & Stitch 1yr - Tropical Table Decorations



March 2004


Debbie in Mesa, Arizona USA

Honorable Mention

Lilo and Stitch Party

For my daughter Alyssa's first birthday, we had a Lilo and Stitch/Luau party.

The invites, I made on my computer with Lilo and Stitch and plumeria border. The invite read Please Join Us in Celebrating Alyssa's first birthday island style. Island dress welcome! Everyone really went for this theme and tried to dress in tropical print clothes!

We had quite a large party (50+ people) so I tried to make as many decorations as possible. I scoured thrift stores for tropical silk flower, and woven fans.

For the tables, we covered them in peach colored table cloths to coordinate with the Lilo and Stitch theme napkins and plates. On each table, I made balloon weights out of baby food jars filled with sand. The outsides, i made grass skirts out of raffia to cover the jar, and spray painted the lids. My husband drilled holes in the top for the balloon strings to go through and knot under the lid. then I took some bamboo cut from my yard and hot glued it to some glass jars for vases. I then made arrangement for each table with the tropical flowers from thrift stores.

The doors were decorated with woven fans that I hot glued silk flowers to. As everyone entered the room (we used a community center), they were presented with a silk lei with a tag attached that I made from business cards that had lilo and stitch welcoming them to Alyssa's island party.

There was Hawaiian music playing in the background. I also researched everyone's name and handed out a list of their names translated from English to Hawaiian. It was fun trying to pronounce the names. The kids got coloring pages downloaded from the net of Lilo and Stitch and island themes. I had a book passed around the room as people were arriving for everyone to sign and write a message to the birthday girl. This will be a memory that she will be able to look back on and see who came to celebrate her first birthday with her.

After the party, I used the rest of the book to put the pictures we took. When everone arrived, we started the party with my husband announcing that Alyssa's oldest sister would dance for her. I had my oldest daughter, Serena dressed in her hula outfit. she danced three songs for her sister. Alyssa loves to watch and try to dance with her sister, so she loved it. Everyone loved watching and after Serena was through, she started pulling grandmothers and aunties out on the floor to hula along with her. Everyone really loved this part of the party.

The room was decorated with a palm tree decoration hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room and crepe paper streamers from the center to the corners of the room like a canopy. The gift table and food tables were set up with hawaiian print fabric table covers and grass skirt decorations for the sides. We had Alyssa's Lilo and Stitch stuffed dolls on the table with more flowers and balloons. My husband also made a small night light lamp with a scroll saw cut out design of a hibiscus that we had lit up on the table with tropical ferns and flowers around the base.

For the younger babies, I put beach mats out on the floor and beach balls for them to play with, and set up a blow up pool filled with pit balls for the little ones to play in. Our cake was from the bakery made to look like the ocean and beach. We made the sand from graham cracker crumbs, and put Lilo and Stitch bobble heads from McDonalds on the top. The food was a lot of work. We had full island style buffet with ribs, bbq chicken, mac salad, egg rolls, pancit and fruit salad. The fruit salad was put into a watermelon boat. The watermelon we had sitting in a large pan filled with ice and frozen plastic (hibiscus and palm tree) ice.

The party was a lot of work, but well worth the fun that everyone had.

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