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Lion King Party -4yr- Movie Party



July 2003


Shonna in Cleveland, Ohio/United States


Lion King Party

For my son's 4th birthday he wanted to have a Lion King party.  We first made invitations with Simba on the front saying "I don't mean to bother you, but would you like to come to my party."  Next, since it was The Lion King theme I printed up The Lion King movie tickets with the same picture of Simba on it as the invitations. 

Then to make the children seem like they were really at the movies, I used a photo of my son and scaned it in the center a one dollar bill and printed up money the size of a business card and titled it Brandon Dollar.  I sent each child 5 Brandon Dollars, and one movie ticket inside their invitation. 

At the party as each child came in the had to have their movie ticket and then was allowed to color pictures of scenes from the Lion King movie, and made necklaces out of cereal and gummie circles to look like the lions mane.

Before the movie started we served hotdogs from a hotdog machine, (I bought just for the party) popcorn in real theater bags, nachos and cheese, three kinds of candy you would find at the movies, and little containers of juice(that didn't open. You had to poke a straw in so it couldn't be spilled.) They had to line up to get what they wanted and pay for it with the Brandon dollars. They sat in small chairs that were lined up, but we added small tables to place the food. 

After the movie they played games and had a cup of ice cream and a cup cake that was orange flavored with white frosting and Simba's face on it.  The movie area was decorated like the jungle.  Green paper hanging fron the ceiling and trees in the corners.  There were birds, monkies a elephant. 

All decorations were inexpensive because my family made them.

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