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The Magic School Bus - Science



February 2002


Julie in Marquette, MI, U.S.A.

Honorable Mention

Magic School Bus Party

Every year I have hosted birthday parties with a theme for both my son and my daughter.  There is so much to build on in using themes.  Last year we searched everywhere for "The Magic school bus" party supplies to no avail. 

Any number of avenues in science could be explored as topics for a wonderful party.  Such as pin the heart on the human body or stamen on the flower.  You could do volcano experiments with simple household vinegar and baking soda (we did this one for our son's dinosaur party). 

The cake could have a picture of the shape of any of the wild out of this world places Ms. Frizzle and the class have visited (like a bee hive, a school bus, a planet, etc.).  Our favorite highlight of a party is a pinata, made in the shape of whatever matches the theme.  Our daughter wanted the Magic School bus if we had found supplies to match.  The setting helps, too. 

For instance we went to the Children's Museum that was filled with science and exploration to continue the theme.  We ended up having butterflies, flowers, hearts and, jewels (which the museum has exhibits on) instead of the Magic School bus.     

One of our most fun parties was for our son's seventh birthday using baseball as the theme.  We decorated in his favorite team's colors (in this case the Detroit Tigers) and opened with the National Anthem. 

We had food to fit the occasion: Ball Park Franks, popcorn, soft pretzels with mustard & cheese (available upon request), peanuts, Cracker Jacks, and pop all arranged in ball park vendor boxes. 

We had a baseball game at a local diamond, a cake that resembled the old Tiger Stadium, complete with Grecian pillars, and a baseball pinata that we, of course, had the kids hit with a bat.  We even had the party goers stand up and do a "seventh inning stretch" complete with songs and "the wave".  After all, this was a "seventh" birthday.

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