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Super Mario Party -8yr- Yoshi Eggs



July 2011


Chris in Deltona FL USA

Honorable Mention

Mario & Zelda Party

Our family is really into the Super Mario Bros Wii game so our daughter wanted to have a Mario Party. 

INVITATIONS:  We made invitations out of yellow contruction paper to mimic the question mark boxes on the outside with the usual party info on the inside. 

DECOR:  Making the decorations was almost as fun as the party itself!  We started with some gold stars we bought from the party store and drew two lines on them to make the eyes for the Starmen and humg them around the house. We cut out about 20 gold coins out of yellow poster board.  We had to finish them with black marker lines and strung them across the house using fishing line to look like they were floating! 

We also made Chomp Chomps with black balloons and making the mouth piece on white paper and taping them on.  We used black constuction paper to make chain links and taped them together onto various spots on the floor. 

We also made Boos with white balloons and taping mouths and wings onto them.  With some of them, we folded the wings to cover their faces just like in the game! Our daughter made all the Boos and Chomps using her DS on pause to copy the faces! The tables centerpieces were 12 cubes of yellow poster board we made with white question marks.  On top of those we had colored balloons with white spots and small contruction paper bases with eyes drawn on them to make Toadstools. 

ACTIVITIES:  When the kids arrived to the house we had a small green table set up with markers in a pringles can wrapped in green construction paper to look like a pipe.  We had hard boiled eggs for the kids to make "Yoshi eggs" for a game later.  We bought some green red and pink visors from a craft store and we made hats to wear.  Threw in a pack of fake mustaches and it was a Super fun time!  

GAMES:  We started with a rotation on Super Mario Wii until all the kids arrived and made their eggs and were able to make introductions.  We all went outside and had Yoshi egg spoon relay race for a prize.  We also played Goomba Tag.  It is a variation of freeze tag in which if you are frozen you have to walk like a Goomba until you are unfrozen. 

Then we had a Super Mario Kart Tourney.  I made a big poster bracket with their names.  We bought a small trophy from the craft store and put a Mario Kart Pez Dispenser inside it for the winner.  I also had a rule sheet that I made tith a Mario font I downloaded.  This helped keep order during this exciting tourney.

COSTUMES:  We had the Mario mustaches and visors the kids made themselves. 

SNACKS: We served pizza juice boxes and sugar cookies we made.  We cut them into stars with yellow frosting and used chocolate pieces cut into small rectangles for eyes to make Starmen. 

CAKE:  We made yellow cupcakes with red or green frosting.  We stuck white M&Ms on them to make 1up and super mushrooms. 

FAVORS:  We had yellow paper bags with white question marks made out of paper glued on them.  Inside were chocolate coins that I glued yellow paper on to make them look more like Mario coins.  We had red bouncy koosh balls to mimic fire balls small gold stars Wii remote candy dispensers(found at the dollar store) along with Mario gummie and sweet tart candies. 

Overall this was the best kids bday party we have ever thrown and I am almost nervous about having to top it next year!"

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