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It's Mario Time Party -6yr- Nine Levels



August 2010


Peggy in Platte City, Missouri, U.S.A.

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Mario & Zelda Party

My son and his school friends were Mario crazy, so there was no choice but to have a Mario party for his 6th birthday! 

For the INVITATIONS, I made the Mario M" out of red cardstock placed it on a white cardstock circle and put it on the outside of the plain blue craft card.  The information was printed on the inside with the title "It's Mario Time!"   

The best part of the DECORATIONS was the yellow mystery boxes I made from white square gift boxes.  I was not able to find yellow boxes so I spray painted them yellow and glued a white construction paper question mark on the side.  I hung several of the mystery boxes in the foyer from the staircase above so the kids could jump up and bump the box with his/her head. I also stacked several of the boxes on the cake table which was covered with a blue table cloth.  I scatterd gold coins purchased from a party store on all the tables.  Wooden stars painted yellow with black eyes (for the Star man) were also placed on the table and around the house.  The three level cake was the centerpiece of the decorations.  Signs that stated Level 1 Level 2 etc. were placed near each game and we also made some "Course Clear" signs to have handy after each game.  The other decorations were part of the games which will be described later. 

The GAMES and ACTIVITIES were so much fun!  We had nine "levels" to clear.  After each level was completed we held up a "Course Clear" sign yelled "course clear" and kids received gold coins to put in a star bag the were given as they arrived.  (Blue fabric bag with a felt star with each kid's name)  Level one was "Mario Mario Luigi" a.k.a. "Duck Duck Goose".  Six year olds still love this game!  Level two was "Stomp the Goomba" and was done outside on the driveway.  A few pieces of wrapped candy were placed in brown ballons.  The balloons were inflated and tied to a peg board to keep them in place.  Each kid was able to choose three Goombas to stomp and they got the candy from inside.  Very funny! 

The kids and parents loved it!  Level three was "Bowser Bowling".  I made a Bowser "shell" out of paper mache painted it green with white spikes and attached elastic loops so the kids could slip it on their arms like a backpack and the shell was on their back.  Then with empty 2-liter soda bottles I made the pins.  I printed and colored pictures from the internet and attached them to the soda bottles. (I think I made about 15 or 20 pins.)  The kids took turns putting on the Bowser gear (shell and bike helmet) sitting on a school scooter (plastic square with wheels) and being pushed toward the Mario characters on the pins.  It was fun to hear the Bowser sound effects the kids made as they hit the pins!  This level was completed on our driveway as well. 

Level four was "Mario Memory".  I printed two each of 12 Mario characters from the internet colored each picture mounted each on cardstock and then made a 'cover' for each with another piece of cardstock.  (Laminating helps.)  The pictures were placed on the floor for a huge Memory game.  The kids simply took turns uncovering pictures looking for a match.  Each match earned gold coins.  This was to resemble the power-up panels matching game in the toadhouse on Super Mario Bros Wii.  One kid even crawled around like Mario does on the game!  Level five was "Yoshi Egg Races".  White balloons were decorated with green spots.  Kids hopped and raced each other back and forth with a "yoshi egg" between their legs.  Wild and crazy!  Level six was "Impersonating Mario".  One kid would sit in a chair with his/her back to the others.  I would tap someone and they would sneak behind the kid in the chair and say in their best Mario voice "It's me Mario!"  The kid in the chair had to guess who it was.  We played unitl each kid had a turn to be in the chair and to be Mario. 

Level seven was "Lunch" a.k.a. PARTY SNACKS.  Yellow bags were turned into mystery bags by glueing a white question mark on each side.  In each bag was a hot dog and bun wrapped in foil a juice box bag of chips a container of applesauce spoon and napkin.  Level eight was "Cake".  We sang "Happy Birthday" and passed out cake and ice cream.  My son was able to open presents at this time also.  And for the grand finale Level nine we did " Bullet Bill and Fireworks" to represent clearing a level on Super Mario Bros Wii.  First we made small rockets (Bullet Bill) from clear film canisters.  Put a small amount of water in the canister add 1/3 of an alka seltzer tablet snap on the lid and flip over.  After a few seconds the canister will pop into the air.  (Done outside and adult supervision is required.)  Finally for the fireworks we did a Dt. Coke fountain with Mentos.  (Quickly drop 7 mentos in a 2 liter Dt. Coke bottle and it will shoot up like a fountain!  You can buy a kit at a craft store to help.) 

For COSTUMES my husband and I wore a red and green shirts.  I had overalls my husband just wore jeans.  For the kids I made Mario hats from plain red hats I bought at a craft store.  I glued on a white felt circle and a felt Mario "M" on each hat.  The pictures of all the kids with their hats is awesome!  Each kid received their hat with their name on the inside as they arrived.  They also received their blue star bags to collected the gold coins and candy throughout the party. 

The CAKE was created using several ideas from the internet.  I found pictures of several Mario cakes and my son and I picked out the parts we liked best.  I wound up making a 3-level fondant covered cake.  The bottom layer was covered in green the middle layer was covered in blue and the top layer in yellow.  I created "mushroom hills" for the background placed several small orange squares in stair-step patterns added yellow mystery boxes clouds vines pipes and even fondant goombas and man-eating plants.  For the Mario Luigi Princess Peach and Yoshi I purchased small characters on-line and placed them on the cake.  My son loved that I made it look like Mario was climbing a vine to get to Princess Peach.  On the top level I made a gray Bowser castle out of fondant as well.  My son loved it!  Well worth the time it took to make! 

Finally as the kids left they received a FAVOR bag.  In each bag was a pack of Mentos a punch ball and a wooden star painted yellow with black eyes for star man.  They also took home their hats and bags full of gold coins and candy.  For thank you notes I sent cards similar to the invitations.  I was also able to send each kid 2 or 3 pictures of themselves playing the Mario party games. 

We took some great pictures and it was fun to share them with the kids and parents!  I did work several weeks in advance creating the games and decorations.  I also had great help the day of the party from grandparents and my husband!  Some of these ideas were created by my husband and I and some were taken from the internet.  I appreciate all the ideas out there to help me organize fun parties for my kids!  I hope this helps others with their own Mario Parties!   "

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