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Super Mario Party -7yr- Princess Ring Toss



January 2011


Melissa in McDowell, Kentucky

Honorable Mention

Mario & Zelda Party

My son Chase has a huge obsession with Super Mario, so this year for his 7th birthday he chose to turn his day and little world into a Super Mario World! With Mario supplies being hard to find in my area, I had to get creative and do it fast!   I started with creating our own invitations with his Mario picture of choice. I searched images online, added the party information to that image and used my printer to print it to 4x6 photo paper to make 20 or more copies. We added the title as SUPER MARIO PARTY 7 since he would be turning 7. 

Next came ordering the cake. Nowhere could I find anyone who could do a Mario cake because of copyrights. Once again, I had to get creative and rely on my computer and printer. First I had Mario colors made for the cake. I went with red, blue border and yellow writing. Another good choice would be plain green. I printed out various small Super Mario characters on photo paper twice, opposite of each other. I cut each character out and glued both opposite pictures of that character back to back with a toothpick glued in between to stick down in the cake. I was amazed at how wonderful it turned out! 

Next came decorations, I made blocks out of plain boxes using a black sharpie to make the small lines on them. I made sure I had one box smaller than the other to stack on top of each other.

Next I printed out full page question mark blocks to tape or glue in the middle of the blocks. I also printed out full pages of Mario characters on photo paper such as the turtles to add to the top and/or tape at the bottom to look just like the video game.

My next task was to create a Mario the size of the boxes. Once again, I found images online and used my online picture paintshop to print the figure out in sections to cut out and glue to a foam poster board. This is also how I made posters for the party with regular white poster boards. I made Mario pipes by using round laundry hampers and covering them with green poster board. The top lined in foam and green poster board.

You can also add the piranha plant to this if you like. I made a small Piranha plant by using a tall oatmeal can and green poster board. With the rest of the decoration such as plates, spoons, forks, cups, streamers and table clothes, I mixed and matched the Mario colors of red, blue, and yellow (green) if adding the character Luigi. I used gold star balloons for center pieces with small baskets of gold fish crackers. 

For the activities, I found Mario coloring pages for the party and made full pages to keep the kids entertained as they arrived. My son wore his Super Mario costume to add fun to the party and indeed it was a hit! For the games we played pin the mustashe on Mario, Musical Mario (musical chairs using Mario characters on the back of the chairs), Fire Ball Toss (tossing a orange ball into a decorated garbage can), Princess Ring Toss (toss rings on bottles), Guess the number of gold coins in the jar, and the favorite was The Yoshi Egg Race (using hard boiled eggs painted with green dots the kids would race with them on a spoon without dropping them to the finish line).

The winners got to reach into the prize box which was a box with a gold question mark on the front. A hole was cut out on the top for each child to be able to reach in and feel around for a prize. The prizes were simple things purchased at the dollar tree/dollar store. 

For the party favors I bought small party bags. I added different 3.5x 3x5 Mario coloring pages that I stapled into coloring books, small crayons, candies and small games of cards. I added a note on each bag made from the same photo paper and picture as the invitations that read Thanks for coming to my party! Love Chase". I finished them off with a blue or red ribbion.  

My favorite quote of the party came from my son while everybody was getting ready to go home "this was the best birthday party ever!" -Chase.  "

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