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Zelda Twilight Princess -7yr- Dungeon Hunt



June 2008


Nicky in Dubbo, NSW, Australia

Honorable Mention

Mario & Zelda Party

For my Sons 7th birthday he asked for a zelda party. I couldn’t find anything anywhere for what I could do so using ideas from other parties from this site and mostly my own we came up with this.  

INVITATIONS we bought standard black cardboard, together with my son, we painted little swords onto the cardboard using grey and white paint, this looks really effective on black cardboard, we used gold pen  to write the name of the child on the handle. On the white part of the sword we wrote. Ben would love you to join him on a zelda adventure". We had details here. And then wrote "this adventure is so big you will need a hat and walking shoes." they looked really effective.

DECORATIONS - we were lucky to be able to have a bit of spce on our churchs property so more space is great we tried to make it look really exciting. We also had cardboard signs painted like wood at each "dungeon" this also had a little picture of different zelda characters some good some bad depending on the activity these we printed out and stuck on because I ran out of time.

ACTIVITES/GAMES: Being his 7th birthday we thought it would be a good idea to have 7 "dungeons" on the adventure.  We met at the front gate under a sign that read "the adventure begins here" we gave all the kids their loot bags here because they had things in there that they would need for the adventrue and also somewhere to put things they may collect. I explained that along the way to keep an eye out for "bugs" These were just toy insects I had scattered on the trail as Link has to collect bugs in the game. We were each given a set of co-ordinations and after looking into the loot bags all the kids found a small compass. Using the compass we went looking for the first "dungeon".

The first dungeon we found 'epona' Links horse. Of course 'epona' didn’t have a tail and inside everyones loot bag was a tail. We then played pin the tail on epona. The winner was given a cardboard cutout of a key which had the next co-ordinations to the next dungeon.

Dungeon 2. was a lazer dungeon. We made a big spiderweb looking thing using red wool between 2 trees. Making sure we left big enough gaps for the kids to crawlclimbjump through. The kids had to get throught the "lazers" without touching them once everone was across they accessed the next key. Which ofcourse held the next co-ordination.

Dundeon 3. target practice. We had nerf guns and bow and arrows and set up a little target range. Kids loved this. After everyone had had fun with this we gave them the next key which led them to dungeon 4.

Dungeon 4. bridge crossing. In the zelda game there is a bridge which has been broken and needs to be fixed. So the kids came to a pace with a few planks of wood and a few bricks scattered in the open area their job was to use the plankds (with adult assistance) an get their whole group across without anyone or anything touching the ground. Once across they got the next key.

Dungeon 5. to signify all the pots that link has to smash to find keys and his little pet we set up plasic pots and had the kids knock them over using tennis balls. Inside one of the plastic pots we had hidden a little toy bird. The kid that found the bird first won the next key.

Dungeon 6. Bomb mine field. We divided them into two teams and had them facing each other across a large space. We then gave them some "bombs" the bombs were simple stockings cut up and filled with flour and then tied off at both ends. They were only small but big enough to fill kids hands. They had great fun with this. This is better than water bombs because they stay dry and flour gets out of their clothes really easily. And they don’t hurt. After they had a bit of time here we got the key to the next stop.

Dungeon 7. of course is the party room. However the party room was locked so they had to then do a pinata of a treasure chest in order to get the key out. (of course it was filled with lollies as well). They got the party room and had a ball. The adventure took a little over an hour so let them just play in the party room and unwrap presents and have the cake for the next half hour. We made sure we had plenty to drink too.

COSTUMES: we didn’t dress up but im sure you can turn this into a dressup theme very easily just make sure all kids know they will have to walk in their costumes.

PARTY SNACKS - we had standard party food but made sure we included gummy insects and choclate jewels. We also had painted little swords using icing onto biscuts.

CAKE - we made a sword cake this was pretty easy to makeas its just long with a point and handle on it. 

FAVORS - For loot bags we sew brown bags and had gold cord at the top so they could pull them closed. We printed link pictures off the internet on to t-shirt transfer paper and ironed them on the front of the bags. We got each bag a little compass these work out being about $2 each depending on where you get them and how good they are. We also found little toy insect keeping kits with toy insects in them. We put in little eyescopes and put printed out stickers on link on them (printing out stickers are great you can put them on everything.) we also chucked in a pencil and some lollies. Of course they also got the bugs on the way and the lollies from the pinata. We also too photos of the kids with the cardboard cuts out and printed them out and gave them a copy for a momento. 

This was a great fun party and I had as much fun making it as the kids it worked out being really cheap for what we did as I had made everything myself with the expection of the treasure chest pinata.  All the kids had a ball even the girls and the kids that had never held of zelda before. "

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