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iCarly Party 7yr



January 2010


Shumake in Ruckersville, VA USA

Honorable Mention


My soon to be 7 year old daughter decided to have an iCarly party this year.  It's not an easy to find party theme!  Since there was no local store in my area that carried the theme, I searched online.  I was able to find all of the plates/cups/napkins/etc from Party City online.  I like to get creative and I needed it for this party!  The invitations were really easy.  I was able to create my own invitations, using iCarly images from the internet, and emailing them.  This was great since the iCarly show is a webshow and tech savvy.  We did print some out, to hand out to classmates, since we didn't have their emails.  I also created labels on the computer, using the same iCarly images that we used for the invitations, to seal the invitations that were handed out.  They had a picture of the iCarly cast and then Hope to see you there!" on them.  For the decorations I choose to use brightly colored balloons and streamers.  We don't have a big house so I completely covered the ceilings in hot pink teal purple yellow and lime colored balloons.  The kids loved it!  I hung streamers from doorways and from the corners of the party room (living rm).  I also found an iCarly photo opp poster online. We hung it on the wall and the girls were able to take a picture with Carly and Sam.  I also found some iCarly wall stick ups online and used those thru out the house.  We found an iCarly cardboard computer centerpiece to use on the food table.  Then we set up a special location for a webcast set.  I found clearance material that I used for the back drop.  I then added bean bag chairs & pillows to the set.  All of the material was bright colors too.  I had several activites for the party.  First was the "webcast".  But we didn't actually hook up to the internet.  We video taped the girls making their own webcast.  The birthday girl was the main host and then we added each girl to the show and let them have about 5-7 minutes to complete their webcast.  After the party we made a complete video and then included the DVD copies of the webcast with each of the thank you cards.  For the webcast set we used brightly colored material for the backdrop.  We added a beanbag chair and pillows.  Then I pulled out alot of dressup items for the girls.  We used wigs sunglasses feather boas and of course Sam's remote like she has on the show and an iCarly microphone.  Very glitz and glam!  The girls did silly things like singing and dancing around but they had a blast!  After the webcast we had lunch.  After lunch the girls took pictures with the photo opp poster.  It looked like the kids took a picture with Carly and Sam!  They loved it! While we printed out the pictures the girls decorated foam photo frames.  When they were done we put the pictures in the frames for them to take home.  We also had a scratch off game like a lottery ticket.  I found these on Ebay.  There were 2 winners and I had bought iCarly sweatbands for $1 each for the prizes.  The girls also made a candy bracelet to take home.  We then had an egg hunt (plastic Easter eggs).  We also had found some guitar shaped eggs for the hunt.  I had these from the previous Easter so I just used them up.  All the eggs had 1pc of candy and something iCarly in it.  We used iCarly stickers tattoos & rings.  It didn't take the girls very long to find all the eggs in the back yard!  But we also did the pinata outside. We used regular candy for that.    For lunch we pulled ideas from the show.  The iCarly cast eats a lot on the show!  We choose spaghetti tacos (Spencer's speciality) pigs in a blanket groovy smoothies haystacks pie and icecream cake.  We did have sloppy joes for the adults!  Instead of giving out cake or cupcakes we decided on pie.  It's a favorite on the show.  The girls made their own personal pies.  We bought the Keebler pie crusts which are 6 to a pack for about $2.50.  Then they had the option to put pudding or fruit in their pies and then top them with whip cream.  We had the icecream cake to go with the pies.  We bought the icecream cake at a local shop but I was unsure of what to put on top to go with the iCarly theme.  So I found the iCarly logo and printed it off the internet.  Then I laminated it and cut around the logo.  I put it on the icecream cake and it looked great.  My daughter also had some of the iCarly character dolls so we put those on top too.  Turned out great!  For the favors we went with little cardboard boxes.  We found these on clearance after Christmas.  But they were silver and blue so they didn't look festive and they were only 15 cents each.  I purchased some iCarly square stickers and we put them on the boxes.  I was able to find some pretty inexpensive iCarly bracelets on eBay for the goody boxes.  So in all there were iCarly stickers iCarly rings iCarly bracelets candy necklaces lip gloss and a small tub of playdough.  There was a purpose for the playdough!  Carly's older brother Spencer is a sculptor.  I created a label with Spencer's picture on it and "Spencer's Sculptures! Use the playdough to make a sculpture like Spencer!"  We put the label on the playdough tubs. We also included a small container of bubbles with a label that had Carly's picture on it with "Thanks for coming!"  The little boxes were pretty full!  Once we filled them up we tied them with sparkly ribbon.  Each girl received a goody box and had the picture and frame they decorated.    For the thank you's we purchased jewel cases for the webcast DVDs to go in.  I created a small thank you sticker that we put on the front.  It had a picture of Carly and my daughter on the front with "Thanks for coming!" on it. I just used my computer to make these.  My daughter wrote thank yous for the presents herself.  I tucked those inside the jewel case and they fit fine.  The DVD webcast was a great way for all the girls to remember the party.    It was a very fun party.  It took 2 months to plan and find all the items for the party but it was fun to plan!"

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