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Hula Cat Party



July 2010


Ashlie in Laguna Hills, California, USA

Honorable Mention


My daughter loves cats and hula parties so she wanted a hula cat party. INVITATIONS: For the invitations we used smile box to create an awesome free invitation with music and a picture of my daughter. Smile box lets you take a personal picture and download it to the card- super easy for the computer challenged. It was set to music and had all the party info. So cute.  WHILE THE GUESTS WERE ARRIVING: While the guests were arriving we played music, favorite songs picked out by the birthday girl from i-tunes. We had everyone pick out kitty ears"(we made cheap kitty ears out of brown and pink felt on plastic headbands). Then we had them bounce in a bouncy that we got from while we waited for everyone to arrive. ACTIVITIES: The first activity was a hunt for a wrapped surprise. We used string one for each kid to lead the child around the back yard in a tangled mess until it ended up at the prize. Each child then was able to unwrap a little kinz web kin.(also part of their take home gift). Next to tell the cats apart we made collars for each kitty. Collars were made of letter beads and a plastic bracelet from oriental trading co. Each child got to name their kitty-useful for us to tell them apart. The kids went jumping again as we set up the kitty house supplies. We bought boxes from staples 12x12x12 5/$6. Then we cut them out a little to look like an a frame house complete with a door. We had supplies paints stickers and fabric for the girls to create a cat house. They had a blast and the cats had a place to live.  GAMES: We thought of many games listed here but chose to play just one due to the length of the party. We divided the girls into 2 teams. Each team went through an obstacle course. Once they completed the tasks then they tagged the next in line to do the tasks and the first team to finish was the winning team. They got to pick from a basket of dollar prizes first and then the team that lost got to pick a prize too. That way everyone was a winner- no sad kids. The course included fishing-cardbourd cut fish with paperclip attached. "fishing poles"-stick with a string and a magnet at the end. sandbox- clean cat sand with pretty stones- each kid had to find 3 to move on. Last a limbo set reasonably low. Other great games we thought of but did not use are: pin the tail on the kitty. (like pin the tail on the donkey exept there is a kitty instead of a donkey) Then we also played cat-cat-dog.(duck duck goose just with different words) We also played the meow game. (everyone sits in a circle someone is the cat  and she closes hereyes and walks around the circle for 5 seconds. Then she stops at her victim and the victim meows the cat guesses who the victim is if she gets it right the victim is the new cat) DECORATIONS: for decorations we hung streamers in blue and green (my daughters favorite colors) And made pawprints that the kids had to follow to get outside. I also blew up some blue and green balloons.  SNACKS: For snacks we had gold fish veggie booty we made cupcakes and then put cat ears on them with whiskers and eyes. We also had Kool Aid and Lemonade to drink. GIFT BAGS: For gift bags we just went to the dollar store and picked out some lolly pops mini kits and whatever little trinkets we could find. CAKE: For the cake I made my favorite chocolate chip cake and then decorated it with paw prints and drew a cat face on it. AFTER THE PARTY: All the kids said goodbye and all the moms said that the party was a blast!"

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