Idea No.


VIP Blacklight Party 12yr



July 2010


Taylor in Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada

Honorable Mention


Invitatons: For invites, I got black paper and cut out a circle in the middle. I pushed a silver half sphere through(I got it from a candy container)which resembled a disco ball.I put Bright glitter lining  it, then I brushed it out to look like the ball was exploding with glitter. I  downloaded a font( It was letters made of stars) and cut out a block around the word party!" and pasted it on the outside. I added string to the ball to make it look like it was dangling. On the inside I  listed who it was for the date and time( I put 7-11 am the next day or 7-10:30)where(in my house) and an RSVP date which I put as a week before the party.  Decorations:I decided to make it a neon/black light theme so I have black lights( a few on the wall/ceiling and a rope with lights in it lining the floor.I put up a bead curtain to separate the dance area from the rest of the place(it's iridescent green but you can get neon or glow in the dark ones too)I'm going to set up a black light poster and I have neon streamers too.I might put pieces of black paper on the wall to splatter detergent(it glows) or  neon paint on.   Activities: When everyone arrives my cousin and her friend are going to do nails/toenails and hair. This is kind of like having stylists do your makeup and such for the red carpet which is where the VIP idea came from. The girls who are waiting can choose what they want eat  or play games. Once everyone is finished being dolled up we'll head downstairs or open the curtain(depending on where we are) and have to deal with the security(one of my cousins or dad will play that role) who will give us a hard time to get in. Once we do get in though it'll be mostly open time with a few icebreaker games. People can also eat during this time but we'll stop for cake and  presents about a half hour before the party's over and most of the parents pick up their kids. The remaining one will sleepover and we can pop in a movie talk  and just wind down(probably not...)  Games: These are the choice games for the girls who are waiting to get hair/nails done. Inside: board/video gamesglow twister/bowling etc~Outside:pool fire pit trampoline and we might set up an obstacle course or scavenger hunt. I was also really hoping that we could rent a hot tub but everything is weather permitting. When we go downstairs I want to have some Icebreaker games to make people more comfortable. In the start we might play freeze tag or have to make a routine with a group. Sometime close to the end we'll also have a silly string war(Try to spray the other team with silly string. If they get you  you have to go to their prison but If someone can get to the prison without getting hit you can get saved.)  Costumes: I forgot to tell people to wear white/ neon but I will give everyone black light reactive/neon glow sticks beaded necklaces(like Mardi Gras) and Fedoras. The security will have to dress the part along with the "stylists" if they want.I will wear neon and white as well as wearing the items my friends will get.  Party Snacks:Since it takes place in the evening I won't set out a huge meal but snacks instead. I'd like to have a fruit/Veggie Platter with dip  along with some junk food( chips candy etc-I want to place an unpunctured glow stick in the bowl to make the food glow. I've heard that tonic water glows so I might try that in my drink recipes. I'm going to give choices of smoothies mixes (Shirley templesetc)milkshakes or just plain pop/juice. The main focus will be on the drinks because of the theme/hours. For the girls who sleepover they can eat pancakes/crepes or bacon eggs toast or bagels rolls whatever. My mom will ask what they want.  Cake: For my cake I might make my own buy a fruit flan ice creamcheesecake or some other kind-not sure yet. We might also choose the option of having whatever ice cream flavors the want or we might have ice cream on the side with our cake.  Favors: The girls will take home their necklaces bracelets and hats along with candya bottle of nail polish and some cosmetics/hair things we'll buy. I hope that I can beat this idea next year! :)"

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