Idea No.


Fun Fun Fun Party



September 2001


Laura-May in Sarina, Queensland, Australia

Honorable Mention


FUN! FUN! FUN! That's the only key you need to have a great party, along with some close friends of course!  But sometimes a few decorations and games do help. Let's start with decorations. You could go with having a theme such as space, environment, retro, hippies, dress-up-as-your-favorite-star, that kind of thing but then again, if you don't want to go with that option there's always other ideas; you could cut out some stars from metallic cardboard( silver and gold always look good but other colors would be groovy too!) and stick them around the room, or why not have glow in the dark ones for that special effect. Instead of having a bare table why not have a silver or gold table cloth with things such as stars, wishing stones, candles, streamers and any ornaments to set the scene on top. It could look great. Have a few candles around the room and if you have any inflatable chairs or anything it always helps to set the relaxed yet cool atmosphere. Also you could have balloons scattered around the room, if you don't like plain balloons you could put some clear-drying glitter paint on them, it looks wicked.  Another thing that always looks good at pre-teen girls sleepovers is having colored cushions. pillows etc. around the room.  Now for some activities. A video or two always helps at sleepovers, just make sure it's not too gruesome, I'm sure the kids will want to get some sleep. Also another great POOL game that my friend Nicole and myself thought of was you get how ever many balloons as people coming to your party and put a message in them: half will say ' Congratulations, you won!' and the other half will say ' Sorry, no prize' (also if you want to play a game like volleyball afterwards you could put team 1. and team 2. on the bottom of each note.)Then you blow up the balloon and tie a string to the end and at the end of the string tie a water balloon( so the balloons won't fly away when placed in pool). Then place the balloons in the pool. The children will be asked to select a balloon one by one and pop them the winners will get some kind of prize such as a chocolate or something.(If you don't have a pool you could just have them scattered on the floor of the room). You could also modify this game to play it a different way such as everyone has to pop each others balloon or something of the sorts. Also there is the cotton wool ball game. You need a bowl, spoon, Cotton wool balls, blindfold, a prize and people. Have a packet of cotton wool balls spread out on the floor next to the bowl. Blindfold the player and hand them the spoon they have about twenty seconds to pick up as many balls as possible with the spoon and place them into the bowl. The winner is the person who gets the most into the bowl.( This is funny because half the time the players get none in the bowl, when they think they have heaps!). There is also all of the traditional games such as Pin the Tail on the Donkey which you can modify to something like Pin the Head on the Butterfly, or Pin the nose on the monster. And of course the party favorite: Pass The Parcel. You could modify this by having a clue to what the prize is every second layer and whoever guesses it first before it gets opened gets a small prize or something. I have heaps of more ideas but look how much space I am taking up! Just remember parties are about FUN! FUN! FUN!

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