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Phineas & Ferb Party 9yr



November 2010


Angel in Cedar Springs, MI   Kent County

Honorable Mention


My daughter had been hoping for a Phineas and Ferb (P&F) party for her birthday in Oct. w/ 10 guests. I made invitations w/ clip art found on-line w/ the boys under a tree and wrote I Know What We're Gonna Do Today"  and on the tree "Go to Sarah's party". All the pertinent info. was at the bottom of the invite.  We used turqouise envelopes to mail them and stuck each w/ a PF sticker. We used P&F colors to decorate w/ crepe paper & balloons.  We also had a giant 4 ft. Phineas balloon and several helium P&F balloons.  My daughter drew and colored the characters and hung them around the party space.  We found P&F plates & napkins at Walmart along w/ the centerpiece and table cover. On to the games! The first game they played was "Find Frankenstein's brain".  I split the kids into 2 teams which were designated by wearing P or F faces on their shirts (stuck w/ a safety pin).  Clues took them on a scavenger hunt around the house & yard which eventually led them to Frank's brain (cauliflower jammed into a lidded jar which was soaking in red food color for 3-5 days - very smelly & brainy-looking).  The next game was "S'winter".  I had sewed and stuffed 40 "balls"; one team had to get their balls over a designated line while also defending their side.  It was like one giant snowball fight.  The next game was "Bigfoot".  I covered large pieces of thick foam board (art dept at Michaels) w/ long furry fur.  Using a screwdriver to poke 2 holes I then threaded long pieces of cording under and through long enough for the kids to hold the "bigfoot" against their feet for a relay race.  The next game was "Your Busted".  I had blown up balloons & tacked them to a bulletin board; each child used 5 darts to pop as many balloons as they could. Next game was "Agent P".  I hand drew a pic of Perry & then used sticky felt to make the bill for a game of pin-the-bill-on Perry's face.  Each child wrote their name on the bill before being blindfolded.  Another game was make an "-Inator".  I had collected various supplies: velcro tabs paper cups feathers drain pipes toilet paper bells pails etc. and the kids (in teams) had to create & name their "inator" and show how it was to work.  Very funny!   Lastly prior to the party I had drawn blueprints of a space rocket-inator as well as an Ice Cream Sundae-inator.  In one of the episodes P and Dr. D get their blueprints mixed up; that is what we did as well.  I pretended to give them the Rocketinator but gave them the other.  Making ice cream sundaes w/ all the toppings along w/ brownies took the place of cake & IC.  While eating the sundaes & pizza they watched the newest P&F episode. One game we didn't get to was "Spot the Diff" like one of the episodes. I had two trays lined w/ everyday around-the-house objects; however one tray lacked the item or had the item but in a different color.  The kids were to examine the trays for a set amt. of time & then list what the "diffs" were.  Party favors included P&F CDs that I burned PF silly banz (e-bay) PF fruit snacks PF stickers and tattoos and PF magnets that I found on-line.  I made favor bags using plain turquoise gift sacks; I then created Agent P. using googly eyes w/ sticky felt to make the bill.  VERY cute & easy. Thank you notes were sent out w/ my daughter in her PF shirt w/ the gift givers in P&F notes that I again made w/ clip art from on-line.  We all dressed in P&F shirts as did a lot of the guests so the group photo is really special.  We really did "do it all" and it was a "great day"!"

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