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Slime Party 8yr



September 2011


Priscilla in Phoenix, AZ, US

Honorable Mention


For my daughter's 8th birthday I hosted a Slime Party & Everything Messy" at my house for some good outdoor fun. First off I ordered Gelli Baff from at least two weeks prior to the party to ensure it would arrive on time. For invitations I just emailed them to 15 of Ari's favorite friends with all of the party details including: 1) wear old clothes or swimsuits 2) bring a towel and 3) don't forget goggles! My husband and I set-up the front yard with two easy-up tents one for the kids and one for the parents who chose to stay. The kid tent had some chairs beach blankets and a table with a basket for sunscreen & chap stick and there was a cooler with water bottles and kool-aid pouches. For the other tent we set up chairs with a table that had assorted snacks and beverages for the parents and a big sign that said "The Neutral Zone" meaning the parents were safe from the mess that was about to occur.  We also set up a 6 ft. table for the diet coke mentos and shaving cream and also set up two wading pools for the slime pit. I kept the inside decorations to a minimum since we would be outside for the most part. I used balloons and stuck them to the walls all over the kitchen and front room as well as put up splat shapes on the walls that I cut out from different color foam sheets that I bought from the dollar store.  I used coordinating tablecloth colors and plates/utensils for snacks and cake.  The party started off in atypical party fashion as we started backwards. As we waited for the guests to arrive the kids were playing on the trampoline in the backyard and munching on snacks.  For FOOD: I had a veggie tray with assorted dipping sauces popcorn mixed with carmel corn green jello cups with gummi worms oreo cookies with different color fillings cheetos and doritos.  Then I bought a cake from Costco and a cox of assorted ice creams for the kids to choose from.  After the snack binging was over we moved from the kitchen to the front room to open gifts.  The kids were pretty anxious at the point as their anticipating for the slime mounted.  My older daughter went outside to fill the pools and get the outdoor festivities prepared for take off.  The gift opening process went pretty quick and I made the kids take a group photo with Ari in the midst of her friends.  Then we headed outside where the fun began.  We started out with shaving cream fights and the kids were each given a can of shaving cream and a small paper plate to throw as they pleased.  First we made sure the kids were goggle ready and then they went nuts. We then moved to sticky bubbles and a had 5 buckets of bubbles with assorted wands for them to blow through.  The kids partnered up to see how many sticky bubbles they could stick to their teammate and the winner won a big bottle of sticky bubbles.  This was the perfect opportunity for water balloon wars.  We set up Home Depot buckets around the yard filled with water balloons where they could pick up more ammo  to throw.  When they were pretty soaked and wet we headed out to the cul-de-sac for mentos blasters so each kid was given a bottle of diet coke and a roll of mentos to let off on their own.  My husband helped some of the younger kids but in the end we let all of them off at the same time and it turned into a fountain of fun for the kids....and they got even more sticky.  Then last but not least we made the slime in the wading pools.  I put the powder in the pools and let it sit til' the kids counted to 100.  Then we churned the water and some kids told weird stories to buy time.  As we churned the water the slime became thicker and thicker and the next thing you know the kids started slinging slime at each other and eventually ended up in the pools and stayed there until their parents came to pick them up.  This was the most successful kid party we've thrown and everyone had a blast as each activity builded up to the next and eventually to the slime pool.  As the kids were picked up Ari handed out their parting gifts which was a bottle of slime and a big bag of cotton candy.  "

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