Idea No.


Angry Birds Party 8yr



October 2011


Jen in Kennett Square, Pa USA



My son loves the smartphone game angry birds. The INVITATION was a scene from angry birds with the red bird flying away from a castle.  We used photoshop and cropped my sons head to fit inside the red birds head. His card read Tyler T is turning eight and he can't wait to celebrate. Come join the angry birds and don't say a word. Defeat the pigs get the golden egg and win the whole slate." For DECORATIONS my son happened to draw several pictures of angry birds and the game. I framed the pictures and added stuffed seasons angry birds.  Some of my decorations were involved with the first game.  The ACTIVITY was making your own angry bird out of a dodgeball. I got some templates for the angry birds. I was only able to find yellow green blue and red dodgeballs. I picked them up from walmart and Five Below store.  The balls looked very cute and all the kids were into making their birds. The first game involved the kids throwing their balls through a huge slingshot I made and knocking down tons of boxes. I made a huge "Y" shaped slingshot out of 2" pvc pipe that I spray painted brown. I collected tons of boxes and stacked them up like a wall.  I traced all kinds of angry bird objects from a magnetic angry bird board that I found on the internet. I traced painted and laminated all the objects and taped them on the boxes. I even added pumpkin plastic containers because it is close to halloween-alittle angry bird seasons.  The kids had the most fun knocking down the boxes. I would make them set up the boxes to play again.  The second game involved finding 13 golden eggs in the tons of boxes to find letters that they had to unscramble to find out the next game-Capture the Pig.  Tne next game I broke the kids up into two groups and had them wear black or yellow bandanas (representing the black or yellow bird) and they had to capture green balloons pigs and hit them back to their own sides. They loved running all over the yard trying to get the balloons. I drew pig faces on all the balloons. I live in a townhouse development so the last game involved the kids running around my townhouse section looking for various angry birds laminated pictures that I hid along my townhouse section.  When the kids left the party they actually asked to take home some of the laminated pictures that I had made. My mom is an excellent cakemaker and made the cake with all the angry birds and the pigs with some eggs. It was amazing.  The FAVORS included angry bird keychains pins pens and stickers. I got most of the items from ebay. Other items I got at Five Below and Walmart.  All the kids also got to take home the angry bird dodgeball that they made. Eight year olds have sooo much energy so it was good that we kept them busy running around.    "

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