Idea No.


Prankster Party 8yr



October 2001


Susan in Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA

Honorable Mention


For my son's 8th birthday, we had a Prankster Party. Like  most 8-year-old boys, he loves to play pranks on family  members. We sent invitations with a picture of a giggling  jester on them and the following poem on the front: "Join  Me for a Time Most Jolly, Tricks and Pranks and Lots of  Folly, So Please Accept this Invitation, Come with Loads  of Expectation!" I glued the middle of the card shut, then  put all the necessary info (what, when, where) on the back  of the card under the header, "Tricked You!" We decorated  the party site (a park) with various gags found at a local  party store, such as fake doggy doo, fake vomit, fake  cockroaches, snakes and other bugs. We also had a fake  wiggling hand, and "Wet Paint" signs on the picnic tables.  My son greeted his guests with a hand buzzer. We also  taped various silly signs on the guests' backs ("Make a  Face at Me!" and "What's My Name?" and "Call me Bob!").  Once all the guests arrived, we played the Whoopee Cushion  contest, where each guest sat on the Whoopee Cushion to  try and make the loudest, most offensive sound! Three  adult judges held up score cards. The winner won his very  own large Whoopee Cushion (I apologized to the parents  later)! Then we played the Back-to-Back Balloon Pop, which  turned out to be a great photo opportunity because they  all looked so funny. The boys paired up and tried to pop a  balloon between their backs. The winning team won two gag  gifts (trick gum and slimy doorknob cover). The final game  was the Greasy Jell-O Egg Toss. We used previously made  Jell-O Eggs that were greased with cooking oil. The team  who kept their egg from busting on the ground (and kept it  in the air the longest) won two gag gifts. Afterwards, we  passed out wipes to get the hands clean, then ate Wormy  Cake and drank Day-old Bathwater Punch (basically a  sherbet punch but with Rainbow sherbet - it turns the  water a brown color). We also had Mississippi Mud Cookies  in a "Poison" labeled bowl. The worm cake was a basic  chocolate cake with gummy worms poked into it on  toothpicks (it looked like the worms were coming out of  the cake). Everyone loved the "gross" food! Finally, the  guest of honor opened presents, with one present being a  trick present (big paper balls popped out of it). Party  favors were treat bags filled with miniature Whoopee  cushions, Bugs in Sand (crushed graham crackers with  chocolate chips, sprinkles, and raisins in them), and  candy. The boys said it was the best party ever. Most were  sad to see it end. I don't know how I

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