Idea No.


Dragon Party 8yr



September 2012


Vida in Maribor, Slovenia

Honorable Mention


My son is all into dragons, so for his 8th birthday I prepared an all dragon party for him. INVITATION:  We made a pop- up dragon invitation card. He invited his classmates: 5 boys and 5 girls. GAMES:  1. For the beginning there was a pin a fire to a dragon. 2. We told the children that dragons used to garden the treasures so they had to find the treasure. Around the garden we hid sea-shells with the name of different dragons inside. The children had to find the shells. 3. The dragons lived in  castles, water... and also in the caves. Next game was The dragon in the cave. The pair of children got dragon names (from previous game) and were spaced evenly around the sheet. They hold the edge of the cloth with both hands. First we practice making a cave (raising the sheet to billow in the air). Then I called out the name of the dragon. The two children ran through the cave to swap places befor the cave collapsed.4. Carrying the dragon eggs: When in danger the dragons removed the eggs from their nest to safer place. The children were divided into two teams (one team with the flat part of the shell found in the second game and the other with the round part of the shell). There were two baskets, each containing about 1 kg of potatoes and on the other side there were 2 empty baskets. One player from each team had to carry the total content of a basket (using their hands only) to the waiting empty basket. Any dropped potatoes had to be picked up before proceeding further. 5. rolling the dragon eggs: Children stood in a queue with legs wide apart to make a tunnel. A potato was rolled back through the tunnel to the last person who picked it up and ran to the front of the queue. 6. The dragon tailball: We knoted a piece of string very tightly around a potato and attached it to the waist of a player so that the potato hung behind just above floor level. We did that for every player. The children were put into teams according to the month of their birthday. The children had to move the lego block from behind them over the finishing line by hitting it with the potato. 7. As the dragons got very hot there was a game to make them cool: Flip the dragon: We prepared two dragons on a medium-weight paper. The two teams were formed according to their height. The children fan their dragon from starting line to finishing post with the help of a folded newspaper. It was a relay race. 8. Dragon race: when dragons were alone they liked to catch their own tail: the children hold hands and the first was the head who had to catch the tail (tha last child). 9. The last game was also one for cooling down the dragons. We used the piece of string from the 6th game and tied on a pencil hanging down to the knee height. A wide necked glass bottle was place on the floor. The dragons had to maneuver their tails into the bottle without using thier hands. It was a relay race again and the children were put into teams according to ones and twos. CAKE:  After an hour of games there was a dragon cake (found on!!/) with apple juice and mint lemonade.  ACTIVITY:  We made a snappy dragon (idea from the book The birtday book by Ann Druitt). Then we prepared the last game: a snappy dragon's lunch: each child held his dragon in one hand and kept the other hand behind his back. On the table I put a lot of raisins, almonds, nuts, candies (like m&ms...) and the dragons picked up and held in his mouth as many different objects as they could. We planned to limit the time but the children were thrilled and we played until the parents came to pick their children up. FAVORS:  When the children were leaving they had the sea shells, pencil, snappy dragon(with candies...) and could also choose another sea-shell as a goodbye present to take home. The party was a success and the children were thrilled as they are no longer used to having parties at home.

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