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Sliding Down The Rainbow Party 7yr



October 2012


Samantha in Christchurch, New Zealand

Honorable Mention


THEME: My daughter decided very early on she wanted a Rainbow Party. We discussed ideas including decorations and food.  INVITATIONS: for the decorations we made the cards and drew a Rainbow on the front with hills and flowers. Inside we had the information.  DECORATIONS: My daughter really wanted a Rainbow she could slide down but as this wasn't practical we compromised. I got thick satin ribbon in the colours. My Mum then helped out. Using the iron on backing she did two rows of each colour starting at red. Then sewed down each row to prevent it unsticking. At the end we had a long rainbow made out of ribbon. I put a light blue sheet against the wall, and using some quilt battening to look like clouds I hung the rainbow down the wall. Behind I put a stool. I got each child to seat on the stool and lift their arms like they were sliding and took a photo. Actually worked out really well.  I also got 18 sheets of cards in a range of rainbow colours. (Including pink as we HAD to have pink in the rainbow according to my daughter) I cut strips (2 of each colour for each decoration) 11 inches long by 1 inch wide. I marked the centre on 1 strip of each colour. Then I taped some wool onto a table allowing some room at top for hanging the decoration up. I lay the strip that had the centre marked underneath the wool so the wool was on the centre line. Then I glued the matching piece (make sure the glue goes right to the edges) then carefully lay it down on top of its pair. If it moves you do have a little time to reposition it. Leave a small gap(I left 0.5inch but its up to the individual)and move onto the next colour. If you have your order sorted out before you start it makes it a lot easier. At the end I strung on some wooden beads to weigh it down when its hung up. You need to leave it lying flat for at least an hour preferably overnight to allow the glue to completely dry otherwise the strips tend to tip in different directions.  I also got some material in different colours. Again my Mother and her sewing machine helped. She cut the material in strips and sewed them together to make a rainbow tablecloth. what was left she cut into triangles and sewed them to some material tape to make the bunting for the wall.  FOOD: We made rainbow cupcakes. I made the cupcake mixture, split it into 3, then coloured each one a different colour. Then I put a spoonful of each colour into each muffin cup and cooked them. We covered them with green icing simply made from butter and icing sugar and beaten well (half butter to icing sugar)and piped it on to look like grass. We put on the rainbow sour belts in an arch then before the icing hardened to much added icing flowers. The cake was a Rainbow Cake. It was in the shape of a rainbow but also when you cut in to it you got a rainbow effect. Other food was colour related, grapes, cherries, strawberries, cheerios, smarties, jellybeans and more of the rainbow straps.  ACTIVITIES: I was able to find some journals really cheap in the shape of a heart so I provided stickers and felts and the girls decorated their journals. I also practised beforehand on my daughter and her friends and on the day face painted butterflies on each child. The idea was to paint them different rainbow colours but all of them wanted pink and purple.  PARTY FAVOURS: I got some coloured noodle boxes. I found butterfly pencil sets which came with a small notebook, pencil, pen and rubber. I got the rainbow mentos. Some rainbow and unicorn tattoos. Some head bands in 6 colours. I made some hair braids with rainbow beads just on butterfly clips so they could take them off. And I was able to get some wooden beads in the right colours so made a rainbow necklace for each child. So they knew which box was who's I got some Shrinky paper and drew a rainbow and cloud with each childs name and coloured them in and shrunk them. They were then able to use the charm as a necklace or bracelet or even just on their bags.  THANK YOU LETTERS: Using the rainbow cards like the invitations we thanked each child for the gift and included a photo of the child sliding" down the rainbow."

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