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Frozen Party -5yr- Snowball Toss



July 2014


Jen in Bethlehem, PA USA

July 2014 Winner


As with almost every little girl recently, my daughter requested a Frozen themed party for her 5th birthday.  This was her first real" party so I wanted to make it extra special for her and her friends! 

INVITATIONS:  The invitation was custom designed by an Etsy shop which I then was able to print myself inexpensively.  I created the wording which read "FREEZE!! Adelaide is turning FIVE.  Please join us for the coolest party this summer!"  It also included all of the essential party details on an ice blue and turquoise background with magenta and purple snowflakes and of course an image of Elsa and Anna.   

DECORATIONS:  Incorporating colors from the movie Frozen was very easy and fun!  My daughter's favorite color is purple so of course that was used along with mainly turquoise and magenta.  I purchased a lot of serving dishe buckets and baskets in turquoise and purple from the Dollar Store for the food/snack table.  Purple and turquoise streamers were hung around the patio along with lanterns hanging from the deck and trees in purple turquoise magenta white and blue.  I made a homemade banner in blue and sparkly silver cardstock that I tied together with ribbon which read "Happy 5th Birthday Adelaide"  A life sized Elsa and Anna balloon bouquet was set-up next to the food table.  I had three long tables set up for the children with tablecloths in each of the main colors and a balloon bouquet which included a smaller frozen balloon and solid colored balloons along with the theme.  I sprinkled iridescent colored confetti on each table top.  We also had glass vases on the tables with pink purple and blue gumballs since I had always told my daughter when she was five she could have gum :)   

ACTIVITIES/GAMES:  This area was the highlight of the party!  My daughter invited most of her class so I was initially challenged with how I would keep 20 children boys and girls occupied!  When the children arrived around 1pm they just played on the swingset and ran around excited to see each other since school has been out.  This lasted for about 20 minutes as I had two very special surprise guests scheduled to arrive at 1:30! 

I hired Elsa and Anna from a local event/party planner to make a one hour appearance and they definitely took all the children by surprise.  They jumped right in by going around and meeting every guest then gathered them all around to read the Frozen story.  Once the story was over Anna set-up a face painting station which quickly formed a line while Elsa started a "snowball" toss game with another group of children.  They had a pile of snowballs to throw in a bucket Elsa was holding and after getting four in they won a prize. 

After everyone had a chance doing both of those activities Elsa took the group to the yard and had a sing and dance along to the song "Let it Go".  Nothing beat seeing 20 5yr olds singing and dancing to that song!  After the sing along Elsa and Anna had some extra time to spend with the kids taking pictures and playing with them on the Playset.  Watching Anna swing on the swings and Elsa going down the slide was priceless. 

Lastly they gathered everyone together to sing a very special Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl. Since Elsa and Anna were only scheduled for an hour, my husband and I scheduled a few extra activities to keep the kids busy!  An Elsa and Anna piñata filled with fruit snacks, tootsie pops, and other goodies was hung for each child to take a swing at.  After a few rounds, one of the boys finally broke it open!  My daughter had printed everyone's name on white lunch bags and decorated them with magenta snowflake stickers to use to collect the candy. My husband used his creativity and created a homemade Olaf for the kids to pin the nose (carrot) on!  He cut a life sized Olaf out of poster board and hand sketched the face and other details then made carrots out of orange construction paper with each child's name on it.  We attached a piece of double sided tape to the back of each carrot to make it easy to attach.  Prizes were bubble wands and Frozen themed activity books. We also set up a table with a large quantity of frozen tattoos with a sponge and water bowl for the kids to apply.   

PARTY SNACKS:  I wanted to keep the food basic and kid friendly but also incorporate themes from the movie.  I had pretzel sticks (Sven's antlers) Cheese Puff Cheetos (Olaf's noses) Veggie platter (Reindeer snacks) Sweet and Sour meatballs (Troll Balls) Pasta Salad (coronation salad) Kid and Adult Sandwich platters (We finish eat other's sandwiches!) Olaf Cheese Sticks (I decorated each mozzarella cheese stick wrapper with permanent marker to look like Olaf and stuck them in a purple ice bucker) and Fruit Salad.  To drink, I made a kid friendly "Frozen Water" punch drink using a mixture of blue Hawaiian punch sprite and pineapple juice.  I also had water bottles labeled as "Melted Snowmen"   

CAKE:  A birthday cake for my daughter is always a challenge since she does not like cake.  Instead we opted for an Ice Cream Sundae bar complete with Hot Fudge (chocolate fondue), which fit the theme and totally pleased my daughter!  We set up a kid sized table which made it easy for the kids to reach the 12 different toppings and create their own sundae.  Five is an age they want to be independent and this was the perfect opportunity to do so!  We were pre-scooping the ice cream in purple bowls as we called the kids in line to create their own sundae.  The line moved fast and everyone was happy.  

FAVORS:  Along with the candy the kids collected from the piñata, we also had "snowball playdough" for each child.  A few days before the party we had a family night and whipped up a very large batch of homemade playdough.  As the dough was cooling we sprinkled purple pink silver and turquoise glitter on it and kneaded it through to make sparkly "snowballs"  We rolled them in pretty decent sized balls and put them in small (1/2 cup) clear Glad plastic containers with blue lids.  I found a template for a label that read "snowball playdough" and printed those out on purple pink and turquoise cardstock to label each container.  We also had silver magenta and turquoise pencils for the kids to take home.   

COSTUMES:  As the parents RSVP'd to the party I told them to have their child dress in their favorite Frozen apparel.  We saw a lot of Olaf t-shirts for the boys, Elsa and Anna shirts for the girls, and many adorable dresses in the shades of Frozen!  I purchased my daughter a homemade "pillowcase" dress from Etsy, which was purple with Elsa and Anna images scattered on it with a turquoise and white chevron print trim on the bottom and collar with bow. This was definitely a party to remember and a ton of fun to plan!"

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