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Puzzle Party 5yr



January 2002


Lauretta in Frisco, TX USA



Puzzle Party  Start by picking three coordinating colors. We used Turquoise, Hot pink, & Gold for our daughter who was turning 5. We found this party to be especially fun when there are adults and children of many different ages (cousins, neighbors, siblings etc...) attending the party.  Invitations: 5"x7" blank cardboard puzzles with all the party info written on them, then disassembled and mailed in an envelope bought from a puzzle catalog company or office supply store. Recipients had to assemble the card to read the invitation.  Decorations: Included balloons and streamers in the chosen colors, large puzzle pieces cut from colored poster board taped on walls and hung from the ceiling, napkins cut in the shape of puzzle pieces, a mobile we made out of a coat hanger, thread, and an old puzzle that had pieces missing. We spray painted the pieces in the three colors and glued matching sequins in the middle of each piece. The pieces were then hung like a mobile and it was displayed hanging right over the cake and was used as an activity during the party later. Our daughter kept this hanging in her room for many years after the party. We also took an inexpensive paper table cloth and drew a jigsaw puzzle on it and colored the pieces with markers in our chosen colors. We wrote Happy Birthday Melinda on it and used it as a door cover. On the sidewalk leading up to the door we drew large puzzle pieces out of sidewalk chalk.   Activities: There were three (borrowed) card tables set up with various puzzles on them labeled Easy, Hard, & Very Hard! We had jigsaws, Rubics Cubes, 3D mind teasers, IQ lateral thinking puzzles books, and many more things on the tables for everyone to try their hand at during the party.   Tableware was done in solids of the 3 colors only with a twist. On each plate and cup I had written a riddle of some type with the answers on the bottom. The extra plates and cups on the bar for the adults had hard riddles I got from a brain teaser book such as "A man fell 140 feet without a parachute. He turned upside down 7 times and came to land safely on solid ground. How?" Answer: He was on a roller coaster. The kids plates and cups, already set at the table, had easier riddles such as "Does pasta grow from trees or the ground?" This was a lot of fun to watch people try to figure out while they were eating.   We cut a large 6 piece jigsaw puzzle from a piece of cardboard (about 3'x2'). Each child took a turn being blindfolded and attempting to assemble the puzzle. We also had 24 piece puzzle races. We bought one inexpensive jigsaw puzzle for each child and they all raced to see who could finish first. (Each child got to keep his/her puzzle.)   Under the puzzle mobile we had hanging over the cake was a sign that said "Guess how many pieces are hanging in the mobile above?" We had a pieces of paper with "Number of pieces __________ and Name ___________" written on the them next to the sign and a coffee can with puzzle pieces glued all over it to put them in once they were filled out. The winner of the contest took home a keychain shaped like a puzzle piece.   Food: Guess what's in this sandwich sandwiches (of course), a cake decorated to look like a giant jigsaw with solid color pieces in our coordinating colors (we even cut the cake in the shape of the pieces), puzzle punch that left them guessing what the secret ingredient was (it was peach juice found in the baby food section of the supermarket, but no one could figure it out.) We also had ice cream, peanuts, chips & dips.  Favors: Each child took home their jigsaw puzzle, a bag with some puzzle sickers made on the computer, candy, and a small handheld maze puzzle.    All in all it was fairly inexpensive. We started working on it several weeks in advance so that we could be creative with small details, but a this party could be done really quickly if details aren't a priority.

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