Idea No.


Telephone Party



Sept. 2000


Kate and Abi in nottingham,england

Honorable Mention


Telephone party! these parties are really unusual that's why teen's love them so much now we all know all teens love to chat on the phone. What you need todo is:send out the invites now treat your visitors with a small invite gift eg: candy phone.tell them to stay at home next to there telephone from the starting time of your party!dial one of your friend s telephone numbers and tell them to stay on line now press redial and dial another pals number!  When they answer press redial 3 and tell them to stay on line and do the same till all the friends at the party are on line then you can all chat away!  Then invite all your friends over for cake pizza yuummmmy snax and a girlie sleepover consisting of walkie talkie games!now all those phone calls may seem pricey but if you limit the call time it should not add up too high we know people who have had these parties and they have been very popular! so why not try it!  have fun xx!

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