Idea No.


Outdoor Party & Games



December 2000


Alexis in Hannibal, Missouri USA

Honorable Mention


My brother turned 10 in July. For his birthday we had an "outdoors party"! It was a hit. First we went to the pool and swam! Then we came back to our house and played games for prizes. The games were, Hot Shot; were a person made so many baskets in a minute, punt Pass, and Kick contest; where the kid kicked the ball to see how far they could go, hit the helmet; where they tried to put the helmet on the football player, and fisherman blast; where the kid tried to get all the fisherman equipment, for the best time. They had to pick up a net, a fish, put on big boots, put on a hat and jacket, and get a pole! That was the favorite. After they played, we gave out prizes, and had them take their picture by a huge fish (bought at Wal-Mart for $5) and they went home. We had fish, and all kinds of things for the decorations, like plastic bugs, snakes, etc. For other decorations, we used bright colors, including the cake and cupcakes. It was very fun!

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