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Over the Hedge Party



September 2006


Mary in Port Angeles Washington, USA

Honorable Mention


Over the Hedge Out door party  we began by setting up a pool and the guests spent time in the pool.  (This wasn't planned as part of the party but the weather was warm so we added it at the last minute.)  Next we painted animal features on the guests faces to transform themselves into the cast of Over the Hedge.  We also purchased paper masks fro the over the hedge party supplies for those who did not wish to have their faces painted.  Food: Hot dogs, Soda (I printed out a lightning fizz label to cover Sprite cans), Spuddies (pringles), Watermelon.  Obstacle Course:  We made an obstacle corse with , lawn furniture, bikes, scooters and skate boards.  I stocked plastic shelves at one end of the obstacle corse with food and placed a big blue cooler nearby.  At the other end of the obstacle corse we placed the red wagon.  The children were timed as they pulled the red wagon from one end of the obstacle course to the other  picked up food and stocked the cooler, placed it all in t he red wagon and then pulled the fully loaded wagon back to it's starting point again.  The guest that completes the corse in the least amount of time is the winner.  Verminator Freeze Tag:  We used large cardboard boxes to create a hedge and had a  human  put on an orange vest .  Each human who is it is given enough water balloons for each guest animal.  Beyond the hedge is safe.  If you are hit you must freeze.  If a balloon falls to the ground with out breaking the animals are free to pick it up and use it on the human.  When the human is out of balloons the verminator is replaced.  Find Hammy's Nuts:  Before the party we hid nuts throughout the party area. The children raced the to find as many nuts as they can and carry them to a bucket one at a time. The trick is that they have to carry the nut on a spoon with their mouths.  What's Over the Hedge?  We used our hedge to fish for prizes I got from the dollar tree.  It was summer time so many of the prizes were water toys.  Each child took turns fishing to see if they could win a prize.  Along with the of the prizes were messages from the humans such as  We're sorry you've been caught by the  Verminator ,  Humans are home, no food collected , Human's are out of food, try again .  If a child recieved a message instead of a prize they were given the chance to go to the back of the line and try again.  Each child recieved a prize in this game.  Scavenger hunt: Work as a team to find all the items on RJ's list.  Spuddies, blue cooler, red wagon, lightning fizz, candy bars, nacho dorritos, pop corn with out getting caught by the bear or a human. Hammy's Dance Party Freeze:   My 10 year old made this game up.  - Hammy would turn their back and drink a drink of their lightning fizz soda while the music payed and the animals danced behind them.  But the minute Hammy turned around the animals would have to freeze.  Any player that didn't freeze in time was out. Pinata:   Verminator: I bought a van and used pictures from the movie, a man holding a hammer that is on top the of a bunnies head.  Cake: Red wagon with blue cooler and animal tooth pick's on top. I made one small square cake and placed it on a regular size cake.  I decorated the small cake to look like the blue cooler and placed it at one end of the regular cake that was frosted with red frosting.  I used red licorice to form the fence around the red wagon and a nerd rope to add the handle to the opposite end of cake.  I printed out pictures of the characters from over the hedge and glued them to tooth picks.  I then placed them in various places in the wagon.  I also used black licorice to form the wheels of the wagon.  Decorations:  Green table clothes and napkins  Center pieces: Popcorn boxes filled with popcorn and topped with over the hedge characters on tooth picks. Cans of Lightning Fizz are to be distributed to each place setting.  Pop corn line the table instead of confetti.  I found a green paper boarder at the dollar tree that looked like a hedge and lined the table with it, in between the popcorn boxes.  After all this was over the guests once again enjoyed a refreshing dip in the pool.  

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