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Polly Pocket Party



October 2006


Mary in Tampa, FL  United States

Honorable Mention


My daughter requested a Polly Pocket party, and I couldn't find any party ideas or decorations anywhere, so I had to get creative.  For decorations, we used pink and bright green streamers and balloons.  Also, we bought some brightly colored paper flowers from a party supply place. They were daisy-shaped flowers (similiar to the Polly trademark flower). They came in various sizes, and we hung them around the room as needed.  Also, we designated one room in the house as "Club Groove".  We covered the entrance to the room with a multi-colored tinsel curtain (you can buy at party supply stores).  We decorated with Christmas lights, a disco light, some paper flowers, and played dance music in this room.  As the girls arrived for the party, we had all my daughter's Polly dolls and clothes on a table.  The kids had to come up with the silliest outfit they could think of.  We placed all the silly Pollys on display, and the grownups at the party voted for the silliest.  The girl who had the winning design won a prize.  Next, we divided the girls into several teams (Team Polly, Team Lea, Team Shani, etc).  Each team was trying to help Polly to open a "Beauty Bar".  In order to help Polly, the team tried to earn points in various contests.  In each contest, the team accrued points, which were then used to buy "supplies" for the Beauty Bar.  The contests were 1.  Memory game - show the girls a tray with various items, take away the tray and have the girls write down what they remember having seen on the tray.  One point was gained for each correct item remembered. 2. Polly Around the World - We made a very rudimentary map on a large piece of felt, and marked places where various special international Polly dolls were supposedly from (Paris, Hawaii, Japan, Mexico).  Each location was given a point value.  The girls tossed a velcro lined ball at the map to try to hit the marks and earn points. 3. Bowling for Accessories - we took a plastic kiddie bowling set, and taped pictures of various fashion accessories (shoe, purse, hat, sunglasses, etc) to the front of each pin.  A point value was also written under the picture.  The girls had to knock over the pins with the plastic bowling ball to win points. 4. Polly Go Round - The teams were taken to Club Groove to try their hand at a game of chance.  We used an old "sit and spin" to create a game.  We printed out pictures of Polly in various outfits from  We glued them to a cardboard ring which was placed on the sit and spin (the part of the "sit and spin" that you sit on).  The girls placed bets (using candy hearts as money) on a Polly and then we spun the wheel.  Each group got three chances to increase their points at that game.  During these games, I had the assistance of another adult, who ran two games in the garage, while I ran the games in the house.  As each game was completed, we tallied the score of each team on a scoreboard that I had made.  The first team who had accrued enough points to buy Polly all the Beauty Bar supplies was the winning team.  We kept rotating the teams through the games until enough points were earned by one of the teams to complete the Beauty Bar.  All the girls from that team were given a prize. After the games,we went on to a craft, which was to make chokers or bracelets with fimo beads. I served a light dinner at the party.  While I was getting the food on the table, the girls finished their craft and then went to Club Groove to freeze dance and have smoothies (again, another adult manned the smoothie operation).  After dinner, my daughter opened presents. We later served cake with the trademark Polly flower stenciled on the top with pink and green sprinkles. For party plates I used a pattern that had a shopping theme, because it had bright colors and fun fashion pictures on the plates and cups. For party favors, we gave out brightly colored flower bags filled with candy and fun stuff like lip gloss, body jewel tatoos, high-heeled shoe pencil sharpeners, etc.  I think that was it!  It has been two years since I've thrown the Polly Party, and we remember it fondly as having been a really great time for everyone.

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