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Tae Kwon Do Party 6yr



November 2006


Angela in Fairview, TN USA

Honorable Mention


For my son's 6th birthday we had a Tae Kwon Do Party at his Tae Kwon Do Academy.  All the children (boys & girls) said this was the best birthday party they ever went to.  My son wore a Tae Kwon Do headband.  THE CAKE: I baked a sheet cake and cut it in the shape of my son's uniform jacket.  I frosted it white and outlined it in black.  I photocopied then laminated his patches and put them on the cake as they are on his uniform.  He is currently a green belt so I got 1 1/2 inch green ribbon and tied it as it looks on him and placed it around the middle of the cake(I wish I could show you a picture). It truly looked like his uniform.  THE GAMES: The party began with music playing and the children running through an obstacle course in the clasroom.  There were various jumping, skipping, hopping, etc. activities in this obstacle course.  Next we played "Pin The Belt On The Do Bok".  I took a piece of poster board and cut it in the shape of his uniform jacket and cut out different color belts. My son go the green belt and everyone else had various belt colors.  We then took some time to quiet down and had cake & ice cream.  For the next game all the children stood in a circle in the room and we poured 50 balloons that we blew up in the middle.  The children had to pop them by sitting on them.  I put a ticket in one balloon (the green one)and who ever popped that would be the winner.  For the game prizes I got two $5.00 gift certificates to Toys R Us. (The kids loved these).  Next the kids got to take turns "fighting" the instructor with a padded sword.  Each child had about 3 minutes. It was great to hear them all encouraging each other. Next we opened presents.  The kids sat in a circle and each held a present in their hand, when I turned the music on they would pass the gifts around the circle, which ever gift my son had in his hand when the music stopped was the one he would open. (As the adults brought the presents in the room the kids played the "Freeze" game.  They ran and made funny gestures and when the music stopped they had to freeze in that position.)  After the gifts all the children did board breaking.  Wow this was great.  This truly boosted their self confidence, even my 4 year old participated and we actually had enough for each chiild to break two boards.  We ended the party with kicking drills. PARTY FAVORS/DECORATIONS: I ordered martial arts invitations, thank you notes,tableware & balloons from  I used a red table cloth and printed several Tae Kwon Do sayings on various clored paper, cut them out and placed them on the table with confetti.  For gift bags I filled cellophane party bags with a mixture of chex mix, peanuts, raisins, and cheez it crackers. This was a great party favor because the kids were so hungry at the end of the party after being so active for two hours and I thought it would be a healthy alternative.  This party was successful because the kids always had an activity to do, like when we needed to get the gifts in the room and the kids played the "Freeze" game, no down time to get board and all the activities took no longer than 15 - 20 minutes.  It does not matter if your son or daughter participates in a martial art for them to love this party. ALL 13 children at our party want to have their own Tae Kwon Do party now.

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