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Snoopy Party 4yr



January 2007


Carmen in Oxford, CT, USA

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I first made snoopy postcard invites with clipart found on the internet. The invitation had a picture of Snoopy lying on top of his dog house with Woodstock sitting on his belly wearing a birthday party hat. It read For a snooping good time please come to ... 4th birthday" in a bubble over the top of Snoopy's head. On the side of the dog house was all of the party info. Since there are no Snoopy party decorations out there I had to create my own. For the table I used a Peanuts comic strip from the Sunday paper and fit it to size on an 8X11 piece of white cardstock. Above the comic I personalized the placemat with each child's name using a font in my publishing program. I mounted each one of these on one of four different colors used for the party blue red purple and orange. I then covered these with clear Con-tact paper. I also color copied a smaller Peanuts comic strip found in the weekday paper on to regular white copy paper and cut these out and attached to white paper cups. I used a yellow tablecloth with the placemats black plates the comic cups white napkins tied with one of the four colors of curly ribbon. All of the paper goods bought at the Dollar store so very little cost. My neighbor made a 3-D Snoopy dog house cake jelly roll pan cut into thirds and layered to create the house. Frosted white and a chocolate dyed black door on the front. We had a small Snoopy and stood him next to the house with a sign attached to his hand that read " Happy 4th birthday..." The cake was used as the centerpeice with two Woodstocks on the sides in the middle of the table. Each one of the chairs had a 4th birthday balloon tied to the back. The birthday boy's chair had a Snoopy mylar balloon I found on E-bay. We hung the primary colored streamer in the corners from ceiling to floor and tacked up Woodstocks I printed off of the Snoopy website on the walls. I stood the Charlie Bown and Sally characters described later behind the birthday boy's chair. As the guests arrived we had the Snoopy themed music playing through the speakers throughout the house and a Snoopy wearing a party hat and holding a balloon on the front door. In the foyer I created a Lucy Psychatric Booth out of poster board. On the bottom it read "The Party is Here." I found a candy mold tray on E-Bay and used it to make plaster of paris molds for the kids to paint and attached a magnet to each one. I used a marker to put their names on the back before they painted them. We played "Find the Dog Bone" hunt I took small dog bones and tied with curly ribbon hid them all over the room and gave each one of the kids a chinese take-out box stamped with Snoopy and a name tag to hold the bones they found. After they each found 5 bones they received a Snoopy stamp on their hand. We then took the bones they found and played "Doggie Bag Toss" white paper sacks folded down stamped again with Snoopy stamp stood at marked line on floor and tried to toss the bones in the bags. I put all of the bones back in the boxes and let them take them home to their canine friends. I also drew two Woodstock trees on poster board painted these and tacked them on the wall with a Snoopy between them. Snoopy was holding a paper that read " Happy 4th Birthday ..." I color copied Woodstock in four different colors onto cardstock made two sets of them and cut them out. Put them into a colored pillowcase 1 set in each along with a black Woodstock with an X on the back. I divided the kids into 2 teams they had to pull a Woodstock out of the bag and tack him on their tree put sticky tack on the tree branches before hand if they drew the black one with the X they lost their turn and went to the end of the line. First team to get all of the colored Woodstocks on their tree "won." To get a break between games we decorated primary colored party hats with foam stickers and their names out of the foam stickers as well. Before the party I found each one of the child's names in the stickers and put them in a ziplock bag with the other foam stickers. They really liked making the hats and actully wore them for most of the party. I also created Snoopy's dog house out of a stove box 4 coats of red paint cut the sides of the box down a third of the way attached black poster board for the roof. Folded the sides down and used a alot of packing tape to hold it together. I cut a hole in the front for the door and wrote Snoopy above it. The kids really liked playing in this and looked cute in the pictures with all of them sitting in there. I had them take a small foam football and "Hut Hut Hike" this in the door of the dog house. We also played a "Football Waddle" game 2 teams put football between legs and waddle to bucket on floor drop football in the bucket retreive it out run back and pass to next teammate. They really couldn't hold it between their legs but it made for some good laughs for all of us. First team to finish "won". I also had drawn up a life-size Charlie Brown and Sally on foam core and painted it. Charlie Brown's head could detach and I had each one of the kids stand behind it and get their picture taken I used these in the thank you notes. I created the notes using more clipart of Snoopy as Joe Cool and Woodstock cut out the middle of the front of each card and attached the Charlie Brown picture of each child inside. At the top it read "Thanks for making...4th Birthday really COOL." For the present opening I hid the gifts inside the Snoopy dog house. We played the theme song passed around a stuffed Snoopy when the music stopped whomever was holding the Snoopy crawled in the dog house and got their present out and gave it to the birthday boy to unwrap. So far this is the best way I have found to unwrap gifts without all of the craziness. We used all kinds of balloons and streamer to decorate each room with. The primary colors looked really festive and cute. For the goodie bags I used primary colored bags drew a zig-zag on the front of each one like Charlie Brown's shirt. I filled it with a Snoopy fun pad box of crayons a small football (Dollar store) some Peppermint Patties with sticker of her on the front pez candy and also a paw print bag filled with Snoopy band-aids (Costco) and Snoopy stickers (Micheals). The kids also took home their personalized placemats party hats they made a balloon and their magnets. This party took a lot of time to prepare since it was all made from scratch but the kids and the parents all loved it! It was worth all of the effort and was one of the cheapest I have done!"

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