Idea No.


Bubble Bash Party 2yr



March 2007


Britney in Orinda, CA, USA

Honorable Mention


For my daughter's 2nd birthday, I didn't know what theme to do at first.  She was too young to really like any characters.  So, I decided to make it a bubble theme birthday party, since all kids LOVE bubbles.  I went out and bought bubble bottles at the party supply store (very inexpensive, about $0.50 each) and made labels to stick on them as her invitations.  I mailed them to all of the kids attending, stating on the invitation the date, time and place, and added for them to get ready for bubble mania."  When the kids received them they got to get an invitation and a bottle of bubbles to play with.  This was a great hit because they now had an idea of what to expect when they got to the party.  Unbeknownst to them the party was just starting.....  On the day of the party I borrowed my friend's bubble machines (which she had leftover from her wedding) and tied it to the tree in front of the yard and put another in the back yard where the party was going to take place.  When the guest arrived they saw all the bubbles in the air and the kids really loved this.  They started having fun even before they entered the party by jumping and running to pop/catch the bubbles.  They would continue to chase them throughout the day since the machines ran for several hours.  We didn't need to fill the machines too often with bubble solution since they lasted a while.  We have a pool in the backyard so for additional decorations I bought clear balloons and blew them up and filled the pool with the balloons so that it looked like giant bubbles in the pool.  I also tied a bunch of clear balloons in the trees so that it looked like the "bubbles" got caught in the trees.    For entertainment I had three activities.  For the first activity I bought a bunch of bubble wands on the internet (which also can be found at the dollar stores) and found a bubble recipe on the internet on how to make your own bubble solution.  I made several buckets of the bubble solution and put the buckets out for the kids to dip their wands in and "blow" giant bubbles.  I also ordered from these wands where you can make giant bubbles BIGGER THAN PEOPLE.  The kids were awe struck when they got to make these humongous bubbles.  Needles to say this was a HUGE hit.  The second activity consisted of a bubble walking contest.  I had a bunch of bubble wrap (the kind with the large bubbles) leftover from our move.  I laid it out and had each of the kids walk on them to see who could go across the room without popping the most.  For the prizes I had bought mini hand bubble blowers which I found at the dollar store.  For the third activity I wanted to get the adults in on the fun.  I developed a bubble gum blowing contest.  I handed out bubble gum to each of the adults and had them chew it for about 5 minutes before the contest so that their gum would be to a consistency chewy enough to blow a bubble.  Each of the adults would stand in front of everyone and we got to judge which one had blown the biggest bubble.  This was really fun cause I even got to also participate.    For party favors I had several things. I had printed out on cardstock the bubble recipe so that each of the kids could bring it home and also make their own solution (with the help of their parents of course).  They got to keep their bubble wands from earlier to use with the bubble recipe.  I also included in their bags bubble bath bottles which you can easily find also at the dollar store with characters that the kids love.  I managed to get some with Barbie and Lightning McQueen.  They could go home and enjoy a nice bubble bath after a hard day of fun.  One more thing that I included in the bags was more bubble bottles which I again printed out lables thanking the kids for coming to my daughter's bubble bash.  The kids never got enough of blowing their own bubbles.  The adults even got little gift bags.  I went and bought a bunch of different kinds of bubble gum and put them in the bags for the adults to take home.  They loved that they were included in the day.    My daughter got to participate in all the kids activities and still remembers her party to this day.  She is almost 3.  Don't know how to top this party though....."

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