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March 2008


Ben in Portsmouth,VA,USA

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Kirby of the Stars Party Decorations A terrific Kirby Of The Stars child party idea is to decorate the birthday area with all different of shades of Pink and white balloons and streamers. You can also hang light-pink and dark-pink streamers from the doorway for a curtain" effect. Use pink tablecloth and whatever other decorations you can dream of with shades of pink and magenta. Also on shelves tables in the yard etc. Table centerpieces can be Plates and Bowls filled with stuffed characters from the show. Use blue chalk to draw Cherries leading to your house and cut out Cherries to hang all over the walls and floor.   Ice-Breaker Activities  *Color your own Fort: Here's an awesome that the kids can draw and paint on. How Fun! It can also be used as part of the party decorations afterwards and you can even make one on your own with a large TV or Refrigerator box. *Kirby Cookies: Before the party use Cherry cookie cutters to prepare several sugar cookie (Cookies). Let the kids frost their own cookies with Red frosting and also prepare several different kinds of sprinkles and decorations. Place their cookies on a paper plate with their name on it and this can be added later to their favor pack or eaten during the meal.  *Pink Magic: Give each kid a sealable sandwich bag filled with 1 cup of cornstarch. Then give them each ¼ cup of Pink-tinted water to slowly mix into the cornstarch. Carefully press the excess air out of the sealable sandwich bag and seal it shut. Have each kid gently knead the sandwich bag until the mixture is well blended and smooth (tell them to do this carefully so that they don't puncture the bag). The kids love to see how the mixture turns from dry to wet and slowly turns Pink.  Food and Drink Ideas  Kirby of the Stars Child Party Idea for Foods: Even if you don't need seasoning no Blue's Clues party would be complete without Mr. Salt Mrs. Pepper and baby Paprika so have a few shakers on hand. Here are some ideas for foods: *Hot PENQUINS *Corn PENQUINS *Kirby Macaroni and Cheese (Tie-Dye Kraft Mac & Cheese With Pink Food Coloring) *Sandwiches made with soft white bread (so that you can cut them with Cherry cookie cutters). *Red 'Waddle Dee' spaghetti (spaghetti with tomatoes) *Pink Lasagna *Star fish sticks *Dedede's peppered lemon chicken *Minny's Mini Cheeseburgers  Tip: you can serve many things in big round pink bowls.  Kirby of the Stars Child Party Idea for Drinks: *Kirby's Punch - Pink Kool-Aid (or you can freeze Pink Lemonade in ice cube trays and have the kids put them in a clear drink like sprite or 7-up...) *Magenta Punch - raspberry sherbet sprite and berry punch juice concentrate *Kirby's Star Shake - place 2 cups of vanilla ice cream 1 ¼ cups of low fat milk 2 tablespoons of sugar into a blender and mix until combined. Then add Pink food coloring a little at a time until the mixture is a nice shade of Pink. For a thicker shake place it in the freezer. *Kirby Lemonade - Kirby loves lemonade!! You can turn any ordinary lemonade into a Kirby of the Stars drink by adding 1 pint of pureed Strawberries.  Kirby of the Stars Child Party Idea for Treats: *Red Jell-O (in Cherry shapes) *Kirby of the Stars Applesauce (just put Pink food coloring in applesauce). *Pink Jellybeans *Waddle Dee chow (any mix of dried cereals-Oat-O's would be good) *Star Tortilla Chips with Pink sourcream (just mix in Pink food coloring) *Pink Cotton Candy *Red Popsicles *Bonkers salted pretzel sticks  Party Favors A neat Kirby of the Stars child party idea is to make your own Goodie bag favors? You can take Pink bags. a magnifying glass a Cherry cookie Pink crayons Pink Bubble Gum Balls happy face items (to represent FACE) and anything else you can think of. Another variation of this child party. "

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