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Magic Kingdom Party 6yr



June 2008


Sarah in Stony Brook, NY USA

Honorable Mention


Three months before my niece's 6th birthday, our whole family went to Disney World.  When we returned, my niece could not stop talking about the trip, so we suggested that she have a Disney World Party.  INVITATIONS: The invitations were set up like a guide map for one of the Disney Parks.  On the front, it said Come join the magic for ****'s 6th Birthday!  Underneath, there was a picture of my niece and Mickey from Disney World.  On the three folds on the inside, there was a map of the Magic Kingdom, and all of the info (date, time, place, rsvp).  On the two folds in the back were different facts about Disney (Disney World, different movies and characters, Walt Disney).   DECORATIONS: The whole party was modeled off of the Magic Kingdom in Disney World, which we set up in my sister's backyard (it is pretty big). When all of the guests arrived, my sister and I announced that we would be their birthday party cast members and would be taking them on a tour of Disney World.  The deck in the back of the house was set up like Main Street USA.  We had a tattoo stand (with Mickey and friends tattoos) and someone (my brother) giving all of the kids a lanyard with three pins for pin trading. My brother explained pin trading to them (everyone starts with three pins and you can trade them with others throughout the day).  After about 10 minutes (enough time for everyone to get their pins and their tattoos), we moved on to the rest of the Magic Kingdom. In the center of the backyard, we had a Princess bounce house.  This was supposed to be Cinderella's castle in the Magic Kingdom.  We were going to rent one, but after some research, it turned out that it did not cost that much more money to buy one.  Plus, my niece had been asking for a trampoline for her birthday, so when her mom told her she got to keep the bounce house as a present, she was thrilled.  We bought ours from GAMES/ACTIVITES: The kids ran to the bounce house, and we let 4 on at a time.  The other kids played on the swing set (which we moved right behind the bounce house) and traded pins while they waited their turn.  Then, we started to tour the different lands, which were set up around the castle and modeled from the different lands at the Magic Kingdom. Fantasyland: We did a crazy tea cups game  a take on musical chairs.  I set 11 plastic tea cups from my niece's tea cup set (one less tea cup than guests at the party).  When the music stopped the guests had to pick up and pretend to drink from a tea cup.  The guest without a cup was out.  The winner received another Disney pin. Frontierland: We set up a table with treasure boxes (little cardboard replicas from Michaels).  The guests got to decorate them with stickers.  Captain Jack Sparrow (my sister's husband dressed in a wig that he bought at Disney World and other torn up clothes) explained and helped with the craft.  After the game and craft, we went inside for lunch.  PARTY SNACKS: Lunch was at Chef Mickeys, which was serving pizza for the day.  All of the kids sat down, and my sister and I served them pizza.  Just as we served the food, Chef Mickey arrived!  We hired someone dressed as Mickey from the local party store, and gave her an apron and a chef hat. Mickey walked around the table and interacted with the kids while they ate the pizza.  Then, the kids got into a line and Chef Mickey signed an autograph (on a small Mickey note pad and pen that became part of the goody bag) and took a picture with each of them.  We also took a group picture.  Then, my sister and I announced that Mickey had to get back to Disney World. We opened presents, and then took the kids out to the bounce house and let them bounce for a little bit. Captain Jack Sparrow came back and played with the kids, signed autographs, and took pictures while they took turns on the bounce house. CAKE: We brought the kids back inside and had them sit down.  We had Cinderella (my brother's oldest daughter) bring out a castle cake (we found a kit on the internet)!  After singing happy birthday, Cinderella read the kids a story about a princess birthday party in a castle.  Then, she signed autographs and took pictures (individual and then a group photo).  After Cinderella left, we all went back out to the bounce house until the parents arrived.  FAVORS: We bought Mickey goody bags.  Each bag had the treasure chest that they made filled with chocolate gold coins, assorted Disney stickers, their autograph book and pen (small Mickey notepad and pen), and a big swirl lollipop with a Mickey sticker on the front. 

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