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Aristocats Marie Party 5yr



October 2008


April in Morrill, Nebraska  USA

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My daughter decided that her 5th Birthday party would be Marie from Disney's Aristocats.  I went online and DID find invitations, paper plates, cups, napkins, and party loot" supplies; however I found them overseas and the cost was over my budget. So I opted to make and/or put everything together myself. For invitations we made our own on the computer.  I searched for clipart of the Eiffel Tower and free clipart of Marie and used the wording:  You are cordially invited to a High tea party to celebrate Katelyn's 5th Birthday!  Please wear your favorite dress and a hat and/or scarf! Girls arrived and were greeted with:  "Bonjour".  I told them that on this special day we will be traveling to Paris for Katelyn's birthday!  There are a lot of things to do and see in Paris.  I had craft tables set up all around our house for our travels.  First stop was the Candy store: I had the girls make chocolate covered strawberries.  Next stop was the lovely flower stand on the street corner. The girls made tissue paper flowers and spritzed them with perfume.  I then told them that it was lunchtime and to find a nice Bistro somewhere to eat.  They all went down to our basement to a wonderful Bistro Cafe!  Complete with music from the Movie Aristocats playing in the background and a canvas painting sitting on an easel of Marie. I set little childrens tables with pink square paper plates plastic wine glasses a pink metal Eiffel tower that was a place card holder as well as a picture holder to hold pictures to take home. These were purchased online at a Birthday party store.  There was also a vase in the center of each table and I had the girls put their tissue paper flowers into.  A lovely spread of food was set up buffet style:  cut out sandwiches in the shape of crowns flowers butterflys and hearts.  Some of the sandwiches were turkey and cheese and the others were Nutella spread. The chocolate covered strawberries that was previously made by the girls were arranged on a platter a beautiful glass bowl full of green grapes a tray of cheese cubes.  And for dessert:  Creme brulee!  In the plastic wine glasses I served sparkling flavored water.  After lunch it was time to go shopping!  and the perfect item to shop for was:  a hand bag!  So on to the next craft table we went and each girl made a foam little bag.  I found these kits online at a novelty store.  I had the girls use markers and make their own designer bag then come over to the hot glue gun station for finishing touches:  black ric rac pom pons and handles made out of ribbon! I researched some French words and/or phrases and throughout the party I used these to add to the party! For games we played;  cat and mouse:  have 2 balloons in different colors. Game is played like hot potato except that 1st balloon started around the circle is the mouse and then someone starts a 2nd balloon which is the cat and it has to be passed faster than the mouse balloon in order to catch it.  the person that is caught with both balloons has to sit out.  Next game was musical chairs again using music from the movie The Aristocats.  We opened presents and then it was time for some cake and ice cream.  I had the cake table down in the bistro area.  It was decorated with pink white and blue balloon bunches tied to the necks of stuffed Marie animals found at a Disney store at most malls.  I also had a pink Eiffel tower centerpiece that was constructed out of cardboard (purchased at an online birthday party store) with a Marie sitting next to it.  For cake I bought Little Debbie fancy cakes to resemble Petit fours and placed them on a tiered silver serving tray.  Ice cream I served Neopolitan Ice cream.  Opened the box completely up and served it in slices so that you can see all 3 colors.  Told the girls that it resembled the flag of France.  Next was just some good ole fashioned play time while I gathered everyone's items to take home.  Our goodie box consisted of a pink and blue loot box found online.  I filled them with a sheet of Marie stickers a Marie brush and a Marie toy all found at a Disney Store at a mall as well as a few pieces of candy.  I decorated the outside of the boxes with Marie stickers and child's name.  Every girl was sent home with:  an Eiffel tower picture holder with a picture of everyone at the party a wine glass a tissue paper flower a hand bag and the loot bag.  Every child had a great time and the parents were awe struck at all the details.  Later on that evening we invited the grandparents over for a more traditional party.  We served cake and ice cream.  The cake I made a sheet cake and then cut out the shape of Marie and decorated it with a #16 star tip. The ice cream I again served neopolitan ice cream cut into slices to show the 3 colors.  I again used the pink cardboard Eiffel tower centerpiece on the cake table as well as stuffed Marie cats and bunches of 3 balloons scattered throughout the seating area.  Colors used were light pink sapphire blue and white.  I love this site for ideas on throwing awesome parties that will be remembered for a long time!"

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