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Guitar Hero Party



November 2008


lexi in lawrenceville, NJ, USA

Honorable Mention


Guitar Hero is a smash hit video game where the players are put into the spotlight to become rock legends. Here are some ideas that can help you have the greatest guitar hero party in history! INVITATIONS: Fold a piece of paper in half (color, pattern, etc is your choice)and cut it into the shape of a guitar. On the front, write, you're invited" in a special font on the computer or by using stencils. On the inside using the same font or stencil write "To _______________'s guitar hero birthday party!" don't forget to include the date time location location's address RSVP and other notes. DECORATIONS: To make this party something to remember you can't neglect decorations. Forget those plain old lights use spotlights and stage lights! Color lights are a good idea if you are decorating using mostly one color. Or use many different colored lights. Stick-on wall graphics of guitars gold records amplifiers microphones and more add a nice touch. You can even make your OWN wall graphics with the guitar hero characters logo the birthday child's name and age and whatever else your creative mind thinks of. If the birthday girl/boy has a favorite place to perform on their Guitar Hero video game you can pattern your party area after that. Just so you know the tiny places that the players perform at will be easier to replicate than the large concert venues. For tiny clubs you can hang Christmas lights make a low rising stage and little things like that. For the concert arenas the stages shouldn't be that much higher especially if kids will stand on them. A small STURDY table could be okay but this is this is the parents' choice. Concert arenas should have better lighting using the stage lights works. Give the "arena" a twist with unusual props wall hangings and decorations. No doubt rock music should be played in the background using hidden boom-boxes or stereo speakers. From what I know there is no Guitar Hero Party supplies out there yet. Bet you can buy guitar hero stickers or make them by finding pictures and printing them on sticker paper. Stick these stickers on plain SOLO paper plates cups handles of plastic forks and spoons and knives but maybe not the napkins. A good idea for the partyware color scheme is a fiery red or orange. GAMES AND ACTIVITIES: Obviously guests will be playing Guitar Hero. (at this time the background music should be turned off). Borrow or rent extra game systems and guitar hero games and controllers so taking turns won't be an issue but this is optional. You can also play rock trivia (make it more like a game show) a guitar hero face-off (not just playing it like I suggested before) name that tune (play 1 min of song people guess the song. after correct guess is recited play the whole song through and let people dance sing etc.) rockstar charades ( a sophisticated game of dress up. Using wild and wacky rock star clothing like spiked jewelry and belts distressed jeans t-shirts with sayings mohawk wigs stuffed animal pants other costume jewelry make up and more.) have the others guess  which rock star the dressed up person is supposed to be. It can be a real singer or musician or character form the Guitar Hero game. You can also have guests make their own wild t-shirts with fabric paint or maybe iron on transfers FOOD: Supplying guests with food shouldn't be that hard. Serve traditional party grub like burgers pizza hot dogs maybe chicken and salads. You can even add your own twist such as making your own personal pizzas and shaping them. Provide guests with condiments like ketchup mustard etc. Drinks? Water soda and juice should do. Yes those foods were the same old thing but the excitement comes with the cake! You or a local baker can male a cake that's a replica of the Guitar Hero guitar controller! But if you're not into large cakes or you'd like to make cupcakes you can draw the guitar hero logo guitars microphones the birthday child's name and more. FAVORS: Just because the party is over doesn't mean the fun is too. This favor bag may come to a lot but if you find sales vary favor bags or give the expensive things as favors you can still save some money. Best Buy has lots of Guitar Hero merchandise aside from the games. Some things you could get are the Guitar Hero hand held games hats key chains and t-shirts. Most of those items' costs partially donate to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America so hat's a plus. The shirts the guests made should also be included. I hope you have an awesome Guitar Hero party!"

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