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Monster Party -2yr- Monster Bean Bag Toss



April 2007


Sharon in Candia NH


Monsters Inc Party

For my son's 2nd birthday, he wanted a Monsters Inc party.  Monsters Inc was hard to find because the movies was out so long ago.  We made a postcard invitation in Microsoft word with a picture of Sully and Mike on it and inserted text boxes saying (child's name) is turning two! Let's have a party." above Mike's head and above Sully's it said "Great idea" at the bottom we gave party details...The top of the post card read "Calling all Monsters"

For Food:  we had Fried Worms (hot dogs cut into strips and microwaved until curly and put into finger sandwich rolls; monster toes (cocktail weiners with tortilla strips) and "sushi" which was rice krispie treats rolled around a gummy worm and wrapped in a fruit roll up...(see for the last two food ideas)  We made monster cupcakes...I searched the internet for several ideas and we made a bunch of different monster cupcakes.  The kids loved it because they could pick what they wanted. 

For gift bags i used blue and orange and we put monster popups in there make a monster sticker pages Monsters inc fruit snacks and a monsters inc coloring book (lucky finds)...each child also got a monster cap...i got the popups stickers and caps from Oriental trading co. 

I also got a monster bean bag toss game from oriental trading co.  We used blue and orange plates and decorations and balloons.  I printed a monsters inc. employee handbook from the internet and left it out.  I took pictures of each child with their monster cap on and will use those for thank you notes."

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