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Mutant Ninja Turtles Party -5yr- Duck Duck Ninja



August 2008


Lesley in Mount Forest, ON  Canada


Mutant Ninja Turtles Party

I have 2 boys who are huge Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans.  My youngest decided this was going to be his 5th birthday party 

Invitations: I don't usually do this, I usually make my own.  But when we were buying the plates, napkins, tablecloth and loot bags we decided to buy the invitations too.  We had 6 kids attend. 

Decorations:  Green, Red, Orange, Blue and Purple balloons Green and Black streamers Happy Birthday balloons 

Guessing Game: Something we've been doing for the last few birthday's (my sister-in-law gave me this idea) Purchased 2 sports bottles from the $ Store, and I fill them with candy.  As the kids arrive we ask that the kids guess how much candy is in the sports bottles.  Girls guess on theirs and boys guess on theirs.  The one girl and one boy who comes closest wins the sports bottle with the candy! 

Costume: Bought TMNT masks and then I had cut colored vinyl to resemble their character. Red -  Blue -  Orange -  Purple

1st Game:Colouring Contest When the kids arrived, I had some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles colouring pages to keep them busy until all the other guests arrived. 

2nd Game:Target Practice: I divided the kids into 2 groups.  In a relay style, one person at a time from each team got 1 turn to throw a plastic ninja star into a basket.  They got to go through the line as many times as needed until each line of kids got 5 ninja stars in their basket. 

3rd Game:Pin Cowabunga Carl on the Party Van My son had received the Cowabunga Carl Party Van (an early birthday present).  So I cut out a picture of it from the box.  I scanned it and had it blown up a bit.  I whitened out where the Cowabunga Carl would be on the roof of the truck and printed some of those.  There were all laminated.  I then pinned the Cowabunga Carl Party Van onto the wall.  The kids took turns being blindfolded, spinned and pinning Cowabunga Carl onto the Party Van.  A prize was given to who ever got the closest. 

4th Game:Turtle, Turtle, Shredder Which is Duck, Duck, Goose in disguise.  This game is always fun, as long as each kid gets a chance! 

5th Game:Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle  pinata I bought this a Party Packers.  I filled it with candy and a toys.  My son has Donnatello's Bo Staff, so we used that as our Pinata stick.  The kids had a great time!

I had purchased the TMNT loot bags, and decided I would use those for the candy after the Pinata broke.  Pizza Time: Finally it was Pizza time, we ordered in and we had green kool-aid to drink 

Presents: Everyone gathered around holding their gift that they brought and we sat in a circle.  We played the theme song to TMNT and the kids passed the presents around.  When the music stopped, whichever present the birthday boy was holding was the one that he opened. 

Cake: I ordered a Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake.  I photocopied a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles napkin and they scanned it on (edible image).  Looked yummy! 

Loot bags: I contacted our local Pizza Delight and he donated small pizza boxes that we used as their loot bags.  The kids (and parents) thought this was a great idea. They included - Crayola Markers - Bubbles - Hot Wheels Toothbrush - TMNT Fruit Snacks - Canada Stickers - Bubble Gum - Tape Roll  The kids and parents had a great time!!!  COWABUNGA!!!

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