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Pirate Girls Party 7yr - Pin the Patch



September 2001


Wendy in Winston-Salem,North Carolina, USA

Honorable Mention

Pirate Girl Party

Pirate Party for 7 year old  My daughter chose a pirate theme for her seventh birthday so she could invite both boys and girls. We purchased store bought pirate invitations and sent them out a few weeks before the party. She invited 34 children, 16 were able to come.  We held it outside in our yard. When the guest arrived, they played on the climber which we had decorated with a pirate flag and streamers.

After everyone arrived, we passed out the treat bags (brown lunch bags labeled with a name tag made out of parchment colored tag board which had been scorched with a candle around the edges). We then headed to the front yard for a treasure hunt (skull rings, candy necklaces, bubble gum coins and candy rings). The children were encouraged to compare and share their loot to make sure everyone got some of everything, which they happily did.

While they were dividing their treasure, we passed out scarves (muslin squares with the edges zigzag stitched) and instructed them to tie colored tie dye cords around the scarves (cords from a kit purchased at an art store). Once those were in the pot, we divided the kids into groups for three additional games. To make this easy, I used three different colors to write their names on the treat bags and they just got into groups according to color.

We played "Pin the Patch on the Pirate" using a hand drawn pirate and black construction paper eye patches. The children decorated their own eye patches (made out of black fun foam and black yarn) using glue sticks and sequins. I made "treasure rocks" by filling old muffin tins half full with Plaster of Paris, sprinkling beads on top, then covering with more Plaster of Paris. (Do this in small batches, it sets up quickly.) The kids then bashed them apart with hammers to get the beads out. We provided yarn to make necklaces from the beads if they wished.  Snack was different flavors of IBC soda (because the brown bottles looked something like rum bottles) and cupcakes.

For the cupcakes I made individual treasure chests by cutting the top off in a wedge, frosting the inside and sprinkling with Juju Bees and Snowcaps candy. The tops were frozen while I decorated the inside, to make them easier to handle. Then I frosted the tops with chocolate frosting and put them back on upside down to create a rounded top and propped up with a mini pretzel knot. Then yellow icing was piped on the top to resemble the brass bands of a trunk. Also served were cheese puffs and cereal snack mix. 

It took about a week of working every spare moment to assemble all the materials. The kids had a fantastic time and it was well worth it.

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