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Prince/Princess 5yr - Pillow Case Tunics



February 2006


Lisa in Danbury, CT

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Princess Party

My daughter picked out a theme for her 5th birthday. She wanted a Prince & Princess party. 12 kids were attending with their parents and we were on a tight budget. We made our own invitations using the computer and printed them on cardstock. We cut and paste (from the web) a picture of Prince Charming and Cinderella on top of the card. The invitation says (Using old english font): "Hear Ye! Hear Ye! All Princes and Princesses from across the land, are gathering for an event that's truly grand! You are cordially invited to (Child's name) Royal Birthday Celebration! For pizza, fun, and more! Please have your carriage drop you off at (party destination), Festivities starts on (date and time), Your presence would be truly honored! All kings and queens are welcomed" (inviting parents too).  Cut and paste a picture of a carriage on back of the card, providing directions to the "castle" (our house). Sealed the card in an envelope with a gold foil sticker and ribbon tails.

The party was outdoors. We painted 2 refigerator boxes gray and used black paint to paint out windows and the stone walls. Placed them on either side of the staircase leading to the patio. On top of the boxes we placed colored posterboard shaped as cones as roofs of the castle. Used another posterboard painted it gray, cut out an arch, and pasted it to the frig boxes to connect the castle walls. Giving the effect of the guests of walking into a castle. I used red plastic disposible table covering, taped it to the patio floor from the enterance of the "castle" to the guests' table (giving them the red carpet treatment). The patio was decorated with blue, yellow, and purple streamers and balloons. Also with sheilds made from cardboard. I painted the sheilds and pasted a picture of a lion, griffin, or unicorn in the middle of the shields (got pics off the web). The table was covered with a golden yellow tablecloth which I borrowed from my mother-in. I had renaissance music (downloaded from internet) playing in the background.

The boys were given a prince's outfit which I made from pillowcases. I cut along the side seams of the cases and hot glue gold cording around it. Then I cut a semi circle on top of the case (to put their little head through)and hot glue gold cording up the middle of the pillow case, around the neck collar and back down the middle of the pillowcase. When the boys put on their outfit, I tied a red cording around their waist. The boys weren't given swords 'cause some parents did not condone violence or weapons. The girls were given necklaces and braclets.

The children were given arts 'n crafts projects to do. #1 Making a crown. Brought making a crown kit from oriental trading. After making a crown, each child was deemed a prince or princess after putting on the crown. Craft project #2 Making a royal treasure chest. I collected empty babywipe boxes (all same size and shape)and spray painted them bronze. Each child decorated their own treasure chest with gold ribbon, glitter, and left over sequences and gems from the crown kit. Colored tissue paper was placed in each chest when done.

I told the children about how the maidens and honorable princes had a feast before going off to their quest and came back to the castle for a huge celebration after they've found the treasure. We served pizza ('cause it was easy). Each child was given a plastic champagne flute glass with their name written on it, decorated with earring stickers. The beverages were served from big wine bottles. White wine bottles were filled with apple juice and red wine bottles were filled with fruit punch.

After lunch, I told the children that a dragon had broken into the castle and stolen the royal treasure. Each child was given a teasure list then instructed to go out on the castle grounds (our yard) and search for the stolen treasure and place them in their treasure boxes. Treasure List: Jester's juggling balls (superball from the coin machines), Merlin's potion bubbles (mini bubbles), Dragon eggs (plastic easter eggs filled with candy), Royal coins (kindness coins from oriental trading), Set of unicorn horns (crayons), and a Magical wand (chinese yo-yos from oriental trading). We set up our playhuts in the yard and labeled it the dragon's layer for some free play.

We then had a castle cake brought from a store and ice cream. As each child left, they were given a certificate we made from the computer: "This is to certify that (guest's name) has taken part in a royal birthday celebration with Princess (birthday child's name) and is officially a (Prince or Princess)!" Each certificate had a picture of a prince or princess and a castle (pics found from web). Each child felt so special and they get to go home with everything they made and found. We also made Thank you cards. They contained a picture of a castle on top of the card and written underneth the castle, "Thank you for the (gift from that guest)! It's a grand addition to my royal collection! Some gifts you hold in your hand, some gifts you hold in your heart. You made my birthday very special! Thank you! Love," (birthday child's handwritten name).

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