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Frozen Princess Party - Make a Snowman Game



December 2014


Carli in Modugno, (BA) Italy


Princess Party

My daughter's birthday is in December so when she wanted a princess party, I thought the Snow Queen was perfect. And they looove Frozen, so it was the perfect fit!   

Invitation: We went to disneyland this summer so I printed out a picture of her with Anna and Elsa and we made a card with a pop up castle inside and the picture of her the princesses at the entrance of the castle. We filled the envelopes with fake snow and sent them off! We invited all the girls to come in their princess best"   

Decorations: It was a perfect mix of winter and princess! Entrance décor- I had just received a new mattress and so I used the giant cardboard box to make two giant  castles- Arendelle and the ice castle. We used the Arendelle castle as the entrance way. I put it in front of our front door and cut out doors for the girls to walk through. I hung a poster on the door of Elsa that said "Welcome to my palace".

There were snowflake streamers and white christmas lights around the doorway as well. There was a red carpet rolled out leading up to the front door and it was lined with mason jars filled with snow and lit candles. It looked amazing! Inside- I had all our Christmas décor up and it was color coordinated silver white frozen blue and other shades of purple and blue as well. I put fake snow on our tree so it looked like it had been snowed on. The house was full of snowflakes and snowman.

My Mom bought my daughter a Frozen poster book and so I used the posters to decorate the house and certain areas. Like above "Anna's hot chocolate bar" there was a poster of Anna. Above "Elsa's ice cream bar" there was a poster of Elsa etc. There was a giant hand drawn poster board of Olaf too that was for a game. Behind the dessert table there was a backdrop that I made. I used blue wrapping paper with silver stars as the back drop and hand drew Elsa and her ice castle. I hung the snowflake streamers across the top of the back drop as well. It was really beautiful!! There were several tables. They were all either frozen blue or white. I strung Christmas lights under the table cloth of the main table so that it lit up and hung a wht tablecloth with shimmering white snowflakes on top. The effect was really beautiful.   

Activities and games: The party was three hours. When the girls arrived they walked the red carpet went through the castle and came into the main room. They took a picture with my daughter holding a giant stuffed Olaf in their princess best and then began work on a snowflake frame that I then printed the picture out and put into the frame for each girl as a thank you.

Once every girl had arrived done their picture and frame we played with play snow. I found a wonderful recipe online and the girls loooved it! They made snowballs and snowcastles and shapes with cookie cutters. After that they went to the next station and were each given a crown to make. I had many decorations to put on top of the crowns and fur to glue around the bottom to make it look more like a snow queen crown. After this we played pin the nose on Olaf. They loved this game and it was so simple.

After Olaf we played a snowman game. I divided them into three teams and then every team was given three rolls of toilet paper a scarf a hat a paper nose and three paper buttons. They had a competition to see who could make the "best" snowman the fastest. It was hilarious! They laughed so hard. After that I used all that toilet paper and several foam snowballs that I had bought and we had a "snowball fight". I divided them into two teams. Then they had a competition to see who could throw the most snow onto the other teams half of the room. It was so funny. Then to clean up we had a competition to see which team could fill their bag with the most snow. This was my daughter's favorite part.

Then I got them all situated around the table and gave them all the things they needed for the "Do you want to build a snowman" station! Each girl got build their own Olaf with marshmallows pretzels mini chocolate ships and candy corn. The snowman were so cute and creative. Then they ate them with their dinner. After dinner we opened presents. We played "melting snowball" to open presents. Playing Frozen music and whoever had the snowball when the music stopped could give her present to my daughter. An easy solution to who gets to go first!!

Then we sang happy birthday and took photos with the cake. After that we opened Anna's hot chocolate bar Elsa's ice cream bar and cut the cake and let the kids pick their own desserts. After dessert they finished up with one last activity while we waited for the parents to get there. They made Elsa's Ice castle with sugar cubes. We turned on the movie at the end for those who hung around a little longer. It was a super fun evening for all!   

Snacks: Sven's antlers (soft pretzels) Sven and Olaf (Chocolate dipped oreos decorated like the characters) Elsa's snowflakes (popcorn) Frozen grapes Kristoff's blocks of ice (blue jello) Snowflake shaped sandwiches do you want to build a snowman station (pretzel sticks candy corn marshmallows) Olaf's nose (baby carrots). The plates were all silver frozen blue or the Frozen character plates. They had melted snow waterbottles and frozen theme cups for their hot chocolate and frozen blue cups for the ice cream.    

Cake: The cake was a 7 layer cake of all frozen colors inside. The outside was carved like the snowy mountain (cake covered with white frosting) against the mountain peak (RTK chocolate covered mountain with powdered sugar snow). It is hard to explain but it basically came out looking like the mountain where Elsa built her ice castle and on top I put Elsa and a candy ice palace a candy staircase going down the mountain and the peak on the side. We also had Anna's hot chocolate bar with all the toppings (hot chocolate on a stick marshmallows white chocolate dark chocolate peppermint sticks caramel whipped cream etc) and Elsa's Ice cream bar. Ice cream scoops (pre-scooped and placed in frozen colored cupcake liners) princess hats (upside down ice cream cones dipped in frozen blue sugar crystals) and lots of toppings (chocolate sprinkles nuts sugar crystals etc).    

Favors: Each girls got to bring home the crown they made their snow castle their Olaf (for who didn't eat it) their "melted snow" water bottles a heart shaped bracelet a princess ring and a princess crown sticker a mini Frozen poster two frozen stickers a Frozen pencil and a blue rock candy crystal sucker. Their tiaras. For the boys I found adorable Frozen blue miniature reindeer and I gave them a large poster instead of a mini one and a pack of snow (white tic tacs) and an "honorary snowman" badge instead of the bracelet and ring and tiara. I put everything in blue favor bags with snowflakes on them that I found at OTC.    

Costumes: The girls were invited to come in their princess best. They all came dressed as various princesses and whoever didn't have a dress could borrow one. My son had an Olaf shirt on the birthday girl was Elsa her sister was Anna.     It was one of the best parties yet. The girls were so well-behaved and really had a blast."

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