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Fabulous Princess 4yr - Glass Slipper Invite



July 2003


Karen in Laguna Niguel, CA,  U.S.A.

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Princess Party

My daughter had a fabulous princess party for her four-year-old birthday. Several ideas came from this site thanks moms and some came from as well.   First, we handmade our invitations. I designed a glass slipper, and after cutting out two slippers on white paper, we glued the edges together, leaving space for a sock to slip into it. I designed a sock, formatted all the party information to fit on the sock, and then I printed it on pink cardstock. We requested princess attire and no boys. :-) I cut out the socks, fit each one into a slipper, glued silver/gold glitter on the slipper, and glued a short strip of lacey ribbon to the top of the sock. We created square envelopes from white cardstock, and my daughter decorated each one with a castle stamp, birthday candle stamp, and crayon designs. I addressed each one to Princess Hannah and Queen Bev etc.  

To prepare my moms home for the party, I put up butcher paper on one wall and copied a castle from a princess book, and painted with tempura. I also wrote Happy Birthday Princess Lauren above the castle.  During the party, we took a picture of all the girls standing in front of the castle, which was sent to them in their thank you notes. We hung purple, pink and silver balloons around the house and outside as well, along the entrance. We wrapped a plastic pink tablecloth on the front gate with balloons on it, and a plate that my daughter designed with princess stickers was hung on the front door, which said, Welcome Princesses. Inside at the long lunch table, we hung a balloon on each girls chair, and on my daughters chair, we put several balloons, as well as a pink satiny quilt we found in the garage. It looked like a throne! I placed purple party hats at the table, star stickers, glue sticks and confetti, so each girl could decorate a hat; a large spool of pink toile was there as well, so moms could cut off a strip, tie a knot at the bottom, and pull it up through the hat. We transformed a card table into a beauty parlor by first covering it with a purple disposable tablecloth. I found a fabulous princess makeup kit on eBay, so we spread out the contents on the table: body glitter, lip liner, lipsticks, eye liner, eye shadow, press-on earrings and nail polishes. We also bought costume jewelry necklaces for them to choose from. My babysitter dressed up as a princess, and manned the station. Later in the day, the girls added more to each others faces, just precious.

For food, before lunchtime I set out a platter of crudités with two choices of hummus, as well as sliced cheese and crackers. I had pitchers of water, lemonade, and iced tea for drinks. For lunch, we made turkey sandwiches for the girls, using the Pampered Chef Cut-and-Seal Sandwich Maker; it made the sandwiches look so pretty on the platter, and no meat fell out. We also offered a big fruit platter and juice boxes. The girls each had their own pink paper plate that my daughter had designed with princess sticks. For the moms, we added rolls and a big chicken Caesar salad, and of course, there was pink cutlery, pink paper cups, and pink napkins. For activities, we did a couple of things beside the hat craft activity. Before lunch was served, I showed the girls how to get in a line and play London Bridge is falling down, while two moms played the bridge.

Then it was story time; I read them Cinderella, and then we played Pin the Tiara on the Princess. To prepare for that, I copied a life-size picture of a princess on butcher paper, and my daughter and I colored it together. I had also cut out individual crowns from white cardstock; Lauren colored them, and she told me whom each one belonged to. At the party, she passed them out to each girl, and then they played the game.  Lauren sat on her throne during lunch, present opening time, and cake time. I prepared a gorgeous four-layered castle cake, with a three-layered tower on top, which I found at Lots of icing needed for it!! For party favors, the girls took home balloons, their crowns from the game, and a bag with princess stickers and a goody. Earlier in the week, I made Rice Crispy Treats, cut out portions with a round drinking glass, pushed a wooden dowel in each one, tied a pretty ribbon around each dowel and sprinkled the treats with red and pink sugar sparkles. My daughter will never forget this party, not only because it was a PRINCESS PARTY but because she helped me in so many ways with her imagination and creativity. I have to thank for so many ideas. THANK YOU!!!

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