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Raggedy Ann Party -1yr- Life Size Ann & Andy



March 2006


Deborah in Mount Airy, MD  USA


Raggety Ann Party

Raggedy Ann and Andy Party - 1st Birthday What a great theme party and appropriate for boy or girl!  I ordered Raggedy Ann and Andy themed invitations, party favor boxes, plates, napkins, and a red checkered tablecloth.  Although, I could have just used red and blue plates/napkins, they were just too adorable. 

The decorations were simple red, blue, and yellow streamers hung from the four corners with red, blue, and yellow balloons hung from the centers in two of the rooms.  The doorways were decorated with red, yellow, blue streamers and balloons hanging down (no helium).  The balloons were hung with red, yellow or blue ribbon.  I also placed all of the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls I had around the room (10 of them).  The children loved the balloons, streamers, and dolls. 

Before the children arrived, we had surprise visitors.  Nanny and Grampie (my parents) dressed up as Raggedy Ann and Andy (no makeup on the faces - didn't want to scare the children).  They had the handmade costumes from a Halloween Party they went to awhile back.  It was such a special treat and the children loved it.  When the children arrived, they were greeted by the birthday girl and Raggedy Ann and Andy. 

After all the children arrived, they worked on the craft.  Each child had 2 paper plates which I had already painted (with assistance from my 3 year old) the entire front of the plate and part of the back of the plate red to represent hair.  I left enough room on the back of the plate to glue eyes (wiggle eyes), triangle nose (made from red paper), and a tongue (made from red paper), and a ribbon (for Raggedy Ann) or a bow (for Raggedy Andy).  The eyebrows, eyelashes and rest of the smile were drawn on using black marker.  It was a very simple craft and adorable.   After the craft, the children played with a parachute.  They took turns placing balloons, balls, and dolls on top of the parachute to see if we could keep everything in.  It was great listening to them laugh and take turns walking under the parachute. 

Next, we listened to some Laurie Berkner tunes.  The birthday girl loves to dance and shake egg shakers.  So each child had an egg shaker and they danced and shook them to the music.  Then, they played with Raggedy Ann and Andy paper dolls which I found online and printed them, then cut one set for each child.  I think the Moms had just as much fun showing their child how to use them. 

I made the Raggedy Ann cake and cupcakes.  I used all icing vs. the candy.  It was simply adorable and easy as this was my first cake that I mixed icing colors and actually textured via cake decorating.  Each child helped the birthday girl open the present they gave her and I made sure to take lots of pictures.  The party ended by Raggedy Ann and Andy (aka Nanny and Grampie) reading a Raggedy Ann and Andy story and each child getting their picture taken with Raggedy Ann and Andy. 

The party favors were were wonderful and age appropriate which included a coloring book.  The other idea I started was a time capsule.  I had each child's Mom write a memory, thought, or wish for the birthday girl.  I am hoping to continue this tradition yearly and at some age to be determined she can read them.  This truly was a fast moving party and my daughter simply loved it.  She was still going strong after the guests left playing with the dolls, balloons, and parachute.

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