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Ratatouille Party -5yr- Snacks Cheese & Grapes



November 2007


Cherie in Portland, TN  North America


Ratatouille Party

My daughter picked out the Ratatouille theme for her 5th birthday party. 

First, I normally make the invitations, but ran out of time, so I just bought the Ratatouille premade invitations at the party store.   Then, since our house is on the small side, we had the party at a farm that had a restaurant.  We had it to ourselves that afternoon. 

So, I decorated with a White tablecloth, bought 2 yards of tulle for a table runner and place clear christmas lights underneath the tulle.  I also hung up a few Ratatouille streamers.  At each table I placed balloons (colors: blue, green and yellow).

At the lined table I had made some party punch with Sherbert soda.  Then, I served cheese and seedless grapes.  Remember seeing that on the movie.  I was going to make some Ratatouille, but some seemed to think it would be a waste - at least for that age group.  

The Cake: Instead of buying a Ratatouille cake from your local market, try this.  A Chef's hat cake.  Not too hard.  Just make 2 round cakes.  frost them with white frosting and roll out some white fondant for the bottom.  Get some white tissue paper to use for the top of the hat.  Put the paper on first and then wrap the bottom of the cake with the fondant.  Turns out to look like a Chef's hat. Turned out cute.  

Served drinks and cake on the Ratatouille plates and cups. 

For goody bags, I made a chocolate chip cookie mix and placed it in a clear goody bag.  And tied the directions and a wooden spoon on each bag. 

On the recipe I wrote : Merci Beaucoup!" I brought white cardboard and tissue paper to make chef hats for each child but we ran out of time. 

But that would be something to do if you are inside for the winter. The farm had activities for the kids to do - a maze horses goats and other animals to petand a faux train ride.  A family member told me it was the best party she had been to in a long time.  The kids had a lot of fun.

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