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Rescue Heroes -5yr- Put Out the Fire Game



March 2001


Bev in Roswell, Georgia USA

Honorable Mention

Rescue Hero

Rescue Heroes Party  For my son's 5th birthday party, we had a Rescue Heroes party.  I found a lot of things on-line at the Rescue Heroes website, and filled in with "fireman" themed plates, cups & invitations.  I found name badges at this site, printed them off & "laminated" them using clear book covers, and taping pins on the back. 

As each child arrived, they got a Rescue Heroes badge with their name to wear. I made a posterboard of a big tree, with a tiny kitten on it -- and they tried to pin Billy Blazes on the tree to rescue the kitten.  I also made a posterboard of a high rise building & covered the board with red (fire) balloons.  The kids ran to the poster, pulled off a "flame" balloon and took it back to the start line.  They covered the flame with a towel & then had to put it out, by either sitting or stepping on it to pop the balloon.  I purchased helium-quality balloons & it was hysterical to watch because they were very sturdy and the kids had to really work to pop them, sometimes three of them ganging up on one little balloon. 

I also made a Rescue Heroes Training Course in the backyard.  I had several fireman/police costumes with matching hats that I had the kids take turns wearing to run the training course.  They started at our jungle gym, put on their costume, came down the slide & ran over to the hose.  They had to use the hose to squirt a poster of a burning house. 

Next, we laid a board across the sandbox & they had to balance on that and cross the "flood zone".  At the end of the flood zone, we suspended a rope from a tree branch & they had to swing on the rope.  Then they had to run to our swingset, climb the ladder of the slide & rescue the trapped puppy (stuffed animal) we had balanced on top of the swingset.  After sliding down, they had to put the puppy in a wagon and wheel him back to safety (start).  

They absolutely loved this course!  We also had a fire truck piƱata.  The boys made a picture frame for their refrigerators, by decorating 5x7 photo mats with firetruck/police car/jet stickers & putting magnets on the back.  Instead of a party favor bag, I bought each of the guests a "Nemo" (Rescue Heroes dolphin) and gave to them as a wrapped gift as they were leaving.

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