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Rescue Hero's Party -3yr- Hero Theme Backyard



June 2001


Stacey in Norwalk, CA.

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Rescue Hero

Rescue Hero's Party for my 3 year old son  I made invitations fireman hats, police badges, construction tools, doctor instruments & space ships. Inviting all of my son's fellow hero's on over to his command center. I also asked each child to RSVP back which one of the rescue heroes they would like to be when they grow or look up to the most.

Decorations: I had an area for each rescue hero theme set up in the backyard (fireman, policeman, doctors, astronaut & construction man) There were sign posted all over stating that the are in the command center, etc.. the construction site was full of dirt and toy trucks all over, I had a table set (yellow tablecloth) up where the finished nailing together a bird feeder and painted to take home, dressed up like a construction worker and took a picture in the area I created, the took home construction picture frames with the picture in it. As they arrived to the construction site each kid got a tool bag that I made on the computer filled with some toy tools. I also had peanuts as the snack in this area. 

The Police station was the next destination and it had signs: station "3" (age), police chief "my sons name" etc.. As they arrived they received a badge and a pair of handcuffs. We had a police car piƱata. They had target practice, took mug shoots, fingerprints and outlined their body shape with sidewalk chalk, they also got to dress up in a pretend police uniform and get their picture taken, they had a great time.  The snack in this area was donuts of course!

The next stop was the Space station, with signs all over, again. Tables set up (black tablecloths) and the made spaceships. There were star confetti and star garland all over and stars with each kids names, moon & planets. There was a moon bouncer in this area, we did a moon walk to music, the kids took turns playing with the space helmets and they each got an alien sticker & pencil in this area. The snack in this area was pop rocks & crystal candy.

The next area was the Fire station, I hired a firetruck to come to the house and give a safety lesson, the kids got to play with water filled fire exiting. Try on the turn outs and went for a ride on the fire truck! This was by far the best! They each got a fireman hat and badge in this area, they played save the cat from the burning tree and climb the rope race. They got pictures taken & put in little paper made fire hat frames, to take home. The snack in this area was chili & fritos. The last area waste the Hospital.

They got  doctor bag when they arrived full of goodies, they played operation, decorated doctor badges, took turns dressing like a doctor and played Doctor bingo that I made on the computer. We served hero sandwiches, salad, fruit and snacks. My sons cake was a firetruck, police car, tools, space rocket all together on a big decorated piece of cardboard. The kids loved it! I used all of his rescue hero toys as part of the decorations, along with all of the signs I made on the computer. I named the punch "power juice" etc.. My son and his guests had a terrific time and so did I.

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