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Princess For A Day (5-7yr) Pass the Poison Apple



August 2011


Rachie in Canada

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Royal Princess Party

Since I was little, I always wanted to have an amazing birthday party, princess themed. And since then, the ideas just kept coming and coming, and I feel 100% confident that my ideas will help a family and their little girl and guests have a magical day! I am going to share my ideas for the ultimate princess party- Princess For A Day.

INVITATIONS: This is an opprotunity to get creative! Purchase white paper, glitter glue, princess stickers, ribbons, a sharpie marker, and a red seal stamp. Scroll invitations are always a cool classic! On the paper, write the party information in a royal way, like, Hear ye hear ye! Her royal highness princess__________ requests the honour of your presence at her ______th birthday! The grand occasion will take place at the ____________ palace on the date of ______________. Please come dressed in your best ballgown and jewelery and enjoy being a princess for a day! Respond to her royal highness' parents- the King and Queen- as soon as possible at _____________. Thank you very much for your consent to read this and we hope to see you come support our princess on her special day!" You could write something like that in fancy letters with the black sharpie. Next sprinkle glitter and let your daughter place a few stickers on the inside. Stamp the end of the letter with the "royal red seal". After it dries roll the paper up and tie a thick ribbon around the scroll. Let your daughter deliver them personally if she'd like dressed as a princess! That is one invitation option. Or if you want to go more casual and classic go to for free cute printable princess invites! Make sure to send them out 2 weeks before the party!

DECORATIONS: Ahhh. Now to turn an ordinary house into a castle fit for a group of princesses! Its not as hard as it sounds. Start by choosing a colour scheme... pink usually works best. Select around three different shades of your main colour. Decorate your party room with streamers and balloons colour coded of course. Use a plastic Disney princess table cloth for the table and Disney plates and cups. In another room which will be your main party space preferably large enforce the castle affect. You can cut out a castle out of cardboard and paint it pink or gold. Use this as a backdrop somewhere against the wall to make pictures more fun. Have a little dance floor with a CD player playing Disney princess music and a clock to enforce the "midnight" in Cinderella. In another corner make a little dressing room with several trunks of princess costumes and plastic jewelery shoes and purses. You can put a mirror up to to get a Snow White feel. (mirror mirror on the wall)You can buy huge Princess window stickers from anywhere from the dollar store to a party store. Wrap the staircase banisters with pink streamers with fake flowers at the end. Have a "red carpet" stretching out from the entrance by the door with fake candles and goblets resting on tables. Create a "throne room" for your princess were she will open gifts. Place a chair at the foot of the room and cover it with any large red piece of material. Set a cushion with a plastic tiara on the chair. Stretch a "red carpet" from the chair to the doorway so the girls will really get the feel they are approaching royalty! Behind the throne make curtains with red and gold streamers. 

ACTIVITIES: Activities to satisfy royalty! What a tall order! Well it can easily be solved by making the perfect princess crown craft! You'll need: Paper blank crown cutouts glue fake jewels glitter. Make sure each crown is correctly adjusted to fit each girl's head. Now let the girls decorate their crowns! Put out the jewels and glitter along with the glue and allow the girls to glue on jewel patterns and sprinkle on glitter. Once everyone's designs are dry attatch the crowns together and take lots of pics with everyone wearing them!

Another activity you could do is hire a "princess" to come to your house and entertain the girls. She will introduce them to lots of games teach them to dance and tell stories all for a moderate price depending on your budget. "Real live princesses" are always a success with little girls!

GAMES: Princesses definately need to be entertained! A royal round of games should keep them occupied! First game: "Pass the Apple"- Have all the girls sit in a circle and sing this rhyme to the tune of LONDON BRIDGE while passing a plastic apple around the circle: "Pass the apple pass it on pass it on pass it on pass the apple pass it on my fair Snow White." The girl that is holding the apple when the song ends is "snow white". She takes a bite of the "poisen apple" and pretends to "fall asleep".

After this the girls continue the game until there is only one person left. She is rewarded with a Snow White themed prize. Second game: "Find the Slipper"- Find a plastic "glass slipper" and hide it somewhere in the room. Tell the girls that Cinderella has lost her slipper and the Prince needs their help to find it. All the girls search for the slipper. The one that finds it brings it to "Prince Charming's Castle" and is rewarded with a Cinderella themed prize.

Third game: "Magical Carpets"- Tape pictures of characters from Aladdin to pieces of cardboard. These are the magic carpets. Play Disney music while the girls dance on the carpets. When the music stops every girl must be standing on a carpet. There will always be one less carpet and that girl is out. Continue to play until one girl is left and give her a Jasmine themed prize.

Fourth game: "Who Am I"- Let each of the girls take turns standing in the middle of the room with a sign taped to their back. On the sign will be the name of a princess eg Princess Belle. The girl most ask yes/no questions to try to guess which princess she is. If she guesses right award her with a princess-themed prize.

Fifth game: "Pin the Kiss on the Prince"- Print out a large picture of any Disney prince and stick it on the wall. Have double sided sticky paper red lips enough for every girl to try twice. Each girl will be blindfolded and try to pin the kiss on the prince's lips. Whoever is the closest gets a prize. Add your own games in between and research more fab princess games!

COSTUMES: Have all the princesses come dressed in princess costumes- the classic poofy sparkly ball gown with a crown wand and shoes. You can go to the dollar store or a party supplies store to get more fabulous royal attire!

PARTY SNACKS: Give the girls the classics like: cookies chips veggies and dip etc…

CAKE AND FAVOURS: A castle cake with disney figurines is always a huge success! As for favours here are some royalty items to slip into those rockin' loot bags: Plastic tiara candy princess stickers princess Barbie doll princess CD or DVD gummy fruit snacks plastic wands or jewellery colouring books and crayons princess toothbrush or shampoo.

Hopefully with these ideas you can take your little princess' day and make it magical. You can give her the party she's always wanted- at an AFFORDABLE price. Thank you very much for reading."

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